Weak drainage system

Srinagar Smart City must have a strong drainage system
A vehicles moves along the inundated Regal Chowk amid rains in Srinagar. [Representational Image]
A vehicles moves along the inundated Regal Chowk amid rains in Srinagar. [Representational Image] File: Habib Naqash for Greater Kashmir

Whenever heavy rains occur, the roads at Lal Chowk and it’s adjoining areas get water logged. The vehicular traffic movement and the pedestrians’ movement becomes difficult.

If such is the condition at Lal Chowk, which is considered as face of Srinagar city, the condition in several other such areas is easier to understand. A

ccording to experts the water logging of roads and submerging of streets during heavy rains is mainly due to weak drainage system. Hundreds of crores of rupees have been spent on the development and beautification of Srinagar city in past, but solving the problem of weak drainage system was not addressed effectively.

Now, since the focus is on the ongoing Srinagar Smart City Projects, it is being hoped that providing strong drainage system in the areas, where the system is weak, is also among the priorities of the concerned authorities.

While some quarters are criticising the manner in which all the Smart City Projects were taken up simultaneously causing inconvenience to local residents, officials associated with the projects say that such steps were necessary for the timely completion of the projects.

If the Srinagar Smart City Projects are completed and the drainage system not strengthened, then the roads will continue to be water logged and streets submerged in rain. Such scene affects the normal life in these areas and people suffer.

Lal Chowk and its adjoining areas are important from business point of view. Secondly, a number of prestigious educational institutions and government and private offices are located in the areas.

Not only at Lal Chowk but also at other places, which have weak drainage, this system has to be strengthened. The executing agencies of Smart City Projects must also ensure that their work should not clog the already existing drains.

It has been seen in past that the same road is dug many times over by different departments. And whenever the rains occur, the soil flows into the drains, that get blocked.

While the government has to provide a strong drainage system, it is the responsibility of the people not to block the drains with garbage.

Some people throw polythene bags and garbage on the roads. A drain gets clogged as the garbage comes into it after. Protecting drains from such things is equally important for a strong drainage system.

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