Why we need a strong Kindergarten?

Child’s mind is like clay that can be moulded in a way desirable for a society
Why we need a strong Kindergarten?
"In a scenario as such, it’s natural that we completely neglect the pre schooling phase, that’s to prepare a child for changing environment arrived at after the child is admitted to a school." [Image for representational purpose only]Pxfuel

Up to three years of age, our children are restricted to homes. They’ve little chance to interact with others of their age group; the primary instrument of socialisation are their mothers.

With changing roles in the social force and women being active participants in work forces, things have started to change. Mothers in this age don’t have adequate time to participate fully in the process of socialisation.

They’re running on a knife’s edge and little has been done to fill the void except for the child care leave, which isn’t a universal entitlement.

The essence of schooling is well recognised, billions of dollars are spent by the state to fulfil its fundamental duty of providing schooling to all. But then, it’s ironic that we’re yet to achieve an ideal system to meet the requirement.

In a scenario as such, it’s natural that we completely neglect the pre schooling phase, that’s to prepare a child for changing environment arrived at after the child is admitted to a school.

At this stage the role of kindergarten is fundamental; it’s the foundation of a child’s learning process. It has been learnt that at this stage the child care and constant socialisation in a play way method helps in building proper base that’s vital to child’s future education.

The child’s mind is said to be like clay at this stage which can be moulded in a way desirable for the society. A clay mind needs mastermind to design to make him useful for the society.

Otherwise, in case of non availability that’s the problem we’ve at hand; inefficient individuals are brought about that hinder the growth of both the individual and society.

When available, there is need of proper engagement, specialised teachers are to be given the responsibility.

In urban areas the idea has picked up over the decades especially within the private sector but in modern rural society neither the state nor the private sector has taken an initiative to do the needful.

Especially within the state sector, what exists is a namesake arrangement with little or no attention given to fulfil the purpose of the arrangement.

Only some years ago, kindergarten was recognised by the state run schools in Jammu and Kashmir. The enrolled children are not entitled to the facilities like uniform, mid day meals and textbooks until recently.

Knowing that majority of the children enrolled in the state run schools are from low income families many end up being the Out of School Children.

To begin with, the state must recognise kindergarten with all the incentives. Although the government while recognising the importance of kindergarten has established a single special school in every educational zone to incorporate the culture of play way method.

This has not only made the education at elementary level attractive but also resulted in higher enrolment especially from the economically marginalised sections who’re otherwise unable to admit their wards in private run facilities.

As part of the early childhood care and education program, the government has not been able to provide kindergarten facilities in government run schools completely.

As of now, we don’t have separate KG classrooms in government run schools fully equipped and well decorated. Now-a-days one of the most significant decisions that one makes as a parent is about choosing a preschool for their child.

When it comes to finding an Early Childhood Learning Centre for your child, it should be absolutely perfect. Practically, we can have separate Kindergarten classroom in every government run school using the infrastructure already available with basic minimum facilities and well trained teachers, preferably female teachers. This is available at elementary level. This will create a strong base.

Given the response, it’s highly essential that these facilities are upgraded and further extended to accommodate more and more children.

Not only should the government increase the number of such facilities but must also ensure up gradation of facilities from time to time.

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