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Those holding important positions in the government, and posted at important places, have a matching degree of responsibility
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At a time when efforts are being made to persuade the Bollywood film industry to resume shooting at the picturesque locations of Kashmir, the incident at Gulmarg can give setback to such efforts.

Those holding important positions at important places must behave with responsibility, and not to unnecessarily create problems for others. They must try to solve the problems of others and not to complicate the problems.

A Bollywood film unit alleged that it had to cancel shooting schedule in Gulmarg after the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Gulmarg Development Authority (GDA) and his staff misbehaved with them. While the officer has denied the allegation but he and his staff could have avoided occurrence of such an unpleasant situation.

The film unit said that they had proper permission for shooting from Deputy Commissioner Baramulla but GDA officials stopped them from shooting, allegedly misbehaved with them and forced them to cancel the shoot. Even if the unit was required to get another permission from GDA, they should have been allowed the shooting and granted the permission in writing during the shooting itself.

There was no reason to make it a big issue and allegedly misbehave. Kashmir and Kashmiris are known world over for their hospitality. The outlook of visitors from other states about the people here completely change due to the hospitality and helpful nature they find here.

They say they find the things and people totally different here from what they are projected outside. The tourists go back to their homes with a very positive image of the people  here.

If common people care so much about the hospitality image of Kashmir, why those at top positions in the government become careless and irresponsible. Gulmarg is very important from tourism point of view.

Thousands of tourists visit the place every year. The arrival of Bollywood film units after several decades is also an encouraging sign for tourism and economy. This trend has to be encouraged and not discouraged. Bollywood had a strong connection with Kashmir in past.

Film crews from Mumbai will reach here in every season and shoot at Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Mughal Gardens, Dal lake or other scenic beauty places. Now for last three decades the Bollywood prefers European countries particularly Switzerland for shooting.

They admit that budget-wise going to Europe is costlier for them. Instead of going there, if they shoot their movies in Kashmir, the money they spend there can be spent here.

For that, unnecessary hurdles should not be created in their working. After being here, like other tourists the perception of Bollywood film units also can undergo a positive change and can get projected through their work on silver screen.

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