You’re a humble soul

To my dear, dear teacher-cum-friend
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Whenever I turn up in your chamber with my truckload of psychic disturbances, you are not a man of dictating things in not more than seconds.

You’re not a teacher wearing a mask too grim to let me get close. You’re a humble soul. A patient listener. One who understands, and one who’s best at recognising the rock bottom I find myself stuck at more often than not.

You’re a gem, not close to becoming a gem. The air that surrounds your chamber soothes me both on the inside and on the outside. Come your chamber’s door in my eyes, and a much-needed relief is all mine.

The moment I step in your chamber, and see you sitting in a chair, it’s as though all my maladies have died, never to take birth again. The moment you speak to me, having listened to me, your words have a healing power, not the other way around.

That’s what you’re.

I evoke a grave personal issue I had told you about and that had me disturbed to the hilt, it was not a cutting and finished-in-seconds drivel rolling off your lips, rather you enquired, went into deep-think, and recalled the situations you yourself were mired in, and relieved me with the best possible solution.

I was a confused human being: always alternating between what I should do and what I should not do; what I was doing in the varsity and what I should have been doing right then. A serious confusion followed by serious depressive tendencies.

A ‘yes’ to the academics one moment, and a flat-out ‘no’ the next. In both the cases, I was being hysterical. A brat. Yet that had its reasons....And forward you came with a torch in your hand and light struck the spot I have good temperament about.

I am freed. From the bondage of ever-oscillating. And the credit goes to none but you.

That’s why I admire you. And that’s why I write this from the bottom of my heart. Your smile and welcoming words have me re-consider my belief in a teacher being either a person to get anxious about or take steps away from.

From my psychic pain to everything there’s about me, you’ve solved this used-to-be a flummoxed being of mine.

I wish you-and others like you-all the best. And I wish everyone not the way you’re to become the way you’re.


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