Elephant missing

I remember in 2010 someone looking like Sajad Ghani Lone in a television studio firing like this.
Elephant missing
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I remember in 2010 someone looking like Sajad Ghani Lone in a television studio firing like this. 'Barkha, why don't you see the elephant in the room'. Today when the elephant is as big as – or perhaps bigger than – 2010, Sajad can't see it. Something has happened in between.

How conveniently one's compulsions determine one's vision. Here is a classic example. Today when I hear him divide people into 'ninety five percent sitters' and 'five percent protestors', I doubt either his memory or mine. One of the two has lost it. I suspect either his vision or mine. One of the two has lost it.

Politics should make you sharper and more intelligent,  but in his case it's working the reverse way. Such statements don't just invite revulsion, but ridicule. Lying is a fine art politicians must master. A lot of genius goes into making you a crafty liar. I'm not moralising the virtues of truth, I'm just underscoring the importance of lying in politics. Learn to fudge the fact but don't deny it. Good lying makes you plausible but bad lying makes a bad joke. 2016 is 2010. We know you know that but you can't say that and we understand why? Don't mass-fool us. That may please others but that  pains your people.

Dear Sajad, as a fan of yours I can't bear Omar Abdullah tweeting a taunt against you. The poor man was facing the same what you are facing now. I have no love lost for – and no sympathies with – him, But I have all feelings for you. I wish you learn manipulating the truth, not denying it flat out. Tell them the elephant is again in the room but it's a sponsored elephant. Tell them it's imported from across the border and it's been planted by Pakistan proxies in Kashmir which (if memory is a record) once upon a time you too were considered before being  'reformed' as a good guy. Tell them to kill the elephant but see it first like you saw it six years back. Tell them that those killed so far deserved to be killed but don't tell them that they weren't killed at all.

Imagine yourself shifting another gear, will the elephant tailor its size according to your compulsions. Imagine (and there is no harm imagining) that India too accepts that the elephant exists, won't that be a challenge for you to rephrase your statement so immediately. Leave something unsaid, save something for the future. Silence is a better option when words recoil on you like a misfired shot. I wish you luck. That is why I suggest you to trim your words plausibly. That will spare you the sarcasm you have earned for yourself right now.

With love from someone who will always be a fan of yours – no matter whether the elephant exists or not?


Mehbooba Mufti was quick to support this 5-95 divide. She added milk and toffee to it thereby desecrating our honour and our blood. Her arrogance, rudeness and insensitivity shamed even a Rajnath Singh. Is she our Cheif Minister? Can one go lower than this?

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