Everlasting Tussle

There is a persistent clash between “I” and “Me”, the former trying to overpower the latter.
Everlasting Tussle

Raison d'être of the existence of "Me" has "I" ever comprehended? "I" am wandering aimlessly for the goal that is hitherto vague to "Me" and "I" will leave no stone unturned to achieve it. What if it is even at the cost of "Me's" principal principle! The approach that will lead "Me" to the bona fide destination is yet undiscovered because "I" has gone astray. "I" is roaming senselessly in the world of materialism, on the horizon to be a pop idol, leaving behind the path of truth.

Though primed from a grubby blob, "I" fails to remember his origin and continues to stroll in conceit, admiring cupidity, thinking no one can overcome him. Careless about his creation, "I" is reduced to the lowest of low, transgressing all bounds of malevolence and cynicism. "I"  considers himself to be self-sufficient, rebelling against his essence, primarily subsisting for a bare fleeting moment that is poised between the depleted and inaccessible past that has gone by and the refreshed imminent future, momentarily enjoying the acquisitive nowand putting behind a heavy day.

Created in best stature, fashioned perfectly in toil, shaped well, with diverse virtuous deeds and efforts, the Supreme Creator breathed into "Me" the soul. And "Me" never forgot his purpose of subsistence, notwithstanding the trial of fear and hunger. "Me" excelled in patience, constancy, and turned resistant, refusing to be cowed down, despite losing his wealth, lives and fruits.

Affliction and misery make "I" to be deceitfully benevolent and virtuous. But no sooner the afflictions get removed, "I" takes a U-turn and passes on as he marvels at haste, fastening his conviction on transitory issues that come and go, ignoring the matters of mysticism that indeed mature leisurely. However, "Me" accomplishes his virtuous deeds by donating himself in the service of humankind with no gluttony to be a celebrity.

"I" lives in mendacity and deceit that are of advantage to him while verity is habitually bitter for him. "I" abhors the forthrightness, and conspires against it, oblivious of the fact that the truth will surmount him, just as "Me" acknowledges the truth as it's the truth that will make "Me" free.

Only by ingenious endeavor and long grounding through an ethical and principled life, "Me" has escalated above a mere brute part of him to his high distinction as a Superior Being and his noble destiny…

Aroojay Aadmi Khaki Say Anjum Sahmay Jatay Hain

Ki Yeh Toota Huwa Taara Mahay Kamil Na Ben Jay

Ironically, "I" is contented and pleased with his animal part that will lead him to treachery and sham. In his insolence and arrogance, "I" does not see how diminutive and ephemeral is the worldly part of him. The ludicrous and absurd haughtiness of "I" hurts only just "I"!

"I" ascertains himself to be perfidious when on earth he makes a treaty; narrates a fib at any time he natters; breaches his oath on every occasion he vows; and proves to be fraudulent if someone relies on him. On the contrary, "Me" disowns all that is bogus, deceitful and deceptive, preferring truthfulness and integrity over his gains.

The tall standing mountains affixed firmly into the earth, the gushing rivers, the shining stars, the grandiose looking sun, the changing moonlight, the deep blue oceans, and the entire creation existing on land and sea—"Me" cherishes all and "I" pretends to be deaf, dumb and blind, obsessed with his short-lived fantasies.

Despite the numerous warnings in the shape of appalling natural calamities; incurable diseases and dreadful sickness; the deplorable decline of empires and kings; ghastly annihilation of races; and the horrifying collapse of dwellings—"I" continues to live in slumber, and brushes off the visible signs as sheer small 'happenings' that appear to him coincidental and conjectural. "I" feigns to forget that death conquers countless and ravages beyond repair…A little tremble and death becomes entrapping for "I". Even now, what shakes for him? An un-treasured Belief? No! What shivers for him? An un-valued Life? Nay! Nonchalance lulls "I". Conversely, "Me" takes cognizance of these signs and heeds to the silent communication flowing out of them.

There is a persistent clash between "I" and "Me", the former trying to overpower the latter. Stultifying its stanch voice, "I" makes it a point to haul "Me" to the abysmal levels, fearing its elevation to the unmatched pinnacle. It is "I" who gets arrogant, covetous and wicked as he sees the lower part of "Me", the mud but fails to see the Supremacy brought in from Sacred Soul. Nonetheless, it's merely the utilization of free will that raises "Me" to the supreme heights of the creation and drags "I" to the lowest of the beast.

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