Experts warn of 3rd Covid wave

‘Complacency, non-adherence of protocols may bring next wave early’
Experts warn of 3rd Covid wave
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Srinagar, June 29: Amid plummeting Covid-19 graph in Kashmir, the doctors have warned against any complacency stating that the lowering guard would cause the recurrence of infection cases and lead to early arrival of third Covid wave.

Medicos are expressing concern over the lack of adherence to Covid appropriate behaviour as the lavish weddings and huge rush at picnic spots is back while the percent of people wearing masks in public space is going down with each passing day.

“There is a sense of false victory among the people as a result of which Covid guidelines have gone for a toss which is not a good thing as this behaviour of the masses is likely to invite the third wave. Covid has not gone, and in no way can we afford to lower our guard,” said Head of the Department at SKIMS, Pulmonary Diseases and Internal Medicine, Dr Rafi Jan.

“What we have seen for the last couple of weeks is that people are thronging to picnic spots where there is no adherence to guidelines, lavish weddings are back where hundreds of people gather together. All these factors add to the spread of Covid infection which we have seen earlier also. There is a need to inoculate a sense of responsibility for our collective good,” he said.

Senior Critical Care Expert, Dr Showkat Shah said that these days they were seeing a transient decline in Covid cases and flattening of the second wave.

“It must be kept in mind that all Covid inappropriate behavior and misadventure can lead to a severe and earlier than expected third wave. Nobody for sure can predict how devastating it might be if people remain complicit in the actual danger of third wave mounting on their heads,” he said. “It has been observed that people go to picnic spots and although going to picnic spots is a very healthy activity for mind and body, at the same we must bear in mind we still live in the age of pandemic which has already left a trail of destruction behind and which must be stopped in future.”

He said: “It is humbly requested, especially to youth, that necessary Covid sops must be followed in letter and spirit, so that we can save ourselves in particular and society at large.”

Kashmir is witnessing a dip in Covid infection cases and the number of active cases in J&K has come below the 5000 mark.

With it the government has eased restrictions and allowed the resumption of businesses.

Only the educational institutions have been ordered to remain closed till July 15.

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