Extraordinary statement

People on both sides of J&K would have to comply and if their arguments fail they had no recourse but to end the dispute and bloodshed forever.
Extraordinary statement
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`Kill militancy, not militants'. This was the most remarkable statement of the Governor S P Malik. Lesson from Mahatma Gandhi will be revived in Kashmir if this statement is practically followed.  

Kill Militancy by aiming an appeal at the mothers of Kashmir to restore their confidence that objectives of their sons will be addressed and the nation loves them and respects them. We need to deter divisive voices from some so called civil society members, Yoauth Alliances and extremist politicians who show impertinence at the militants and taunt them with expressive criticism like gun wielders, terrorists, or an encumbrance to the society and peace without making their own bright ideas as alternatives known.   

The  plain fact remains that no one will accept bullets on their chest unless something  inside their bodies urges them.Even the soldiers do not earn a wage to get killed. The lessons passed down by our elders like Mahatma Gandhi that emphasized to never retaliate as 'eye for an eye dogma will end up in a blind society.First and foremost we have to own militants as our own children and recognize them as integral to our society.That will encourage them to voice their concerns in peaceful ways.    

Kill militancy if we can follow that route by kick starting the established process of conflict resolution.   In that we agree on common points they raise and put them aside.  For example may be we agree  with them that the historical title of Jammu & Kashmir  territory is fragmented  and  must be restored or   maybe we agree with them that accords and treaties need to be re-examined .There are many more facets of this conflict that an agreement can be reached.  Militants now turned epistemic, knowledgeable and judicious citizens of Kashmir can voice opinions that are not rash or that are not emotive or that are not biased.  It may be they become more political and aware of the stake India has in terms of investment in maintaining relations with the state. India also invested in so called self-proclaimed local political leaders who became more encumbrances that conciliatory. For example if the local politicians did not exist the interface between the two peoples of Kashmir and India  would have been direct and an enduring bond based on realistic understanding would have emerged between them. The militants would need to know why the relations turned sour from 1947 and the reasons why there was increasing surge of hostility and resulting violence. 

Kill militancy because the young people like to live a life and serve their parents and the nation, raise their own children and see elders to the end of their lives. They do not want to be buried by their own fathers and fill graveyards with their dead bodies.They need to live and live with dignity.  They want truth, justice and personality guided by individuality to enshrine their lives. Their mothers are seen bidding farewell to their cherished sons, they brought up with love and tears, educated and clothed them to live.  Kill militancy by restoring children to their womb

Kill militancy with argument and not force.  No weapon will ever be functional that is a lethal physical force challenging a youth whose blood is in turbulence.     The war fought in the streets of Kashmir is an asymmetric civil war where the civil side has no matching power or equipment or manpower or military tactics or resources but they have dominance in armor of will, the message of defiance as citizens, the spirit of loyalty to their nation, the support of divinity and human values that impact the conscience of the world at large.  That is why over the seven decades in this war the people side has never won at any single front yet they keep combating again and again and again in the full knowledge of the fate they will meet.

Kill militancy for the benefit of Indian nation.   There are three arms of governance, the Executive that is a product of legislature, Military and Judiciary.  The two arms of governance have spoken on Kashmir but so far the Judiciary is silent on the main spine of legal issues.    A full bench deliberation must find a place in this situation considering thousands of civilian and military lives lost.    Added to human loss Kashmir becomes hubris in foreign policy and the fiscal health of the nation.  There must be ways when all voices that emanate in this conflict can be heard and evidence to facts brought to light and a thorough deliberation on legal platform thrashed out and a verdict pronounced.  People on both sides of J&K would have to comply and if their arguments fail they had no recourse but to end the dispute and bloodshed forever.


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