FACEBOOK – A book with many faces

This mechanical age that has reduced man to a mere caricature has changed his desires too.
FACEBOOK – A book with many faces
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This mechanical age that has reduced man to a mere caricature has changed his desires too. Gone are the days when a human friend was needed to give lonely souls a blissful company. That human companion with whom one used to share the inner heart to get some solace has been replaced by new mechanical companion. In this fast era of information and communication technology one has no time to spend few minutes with a friend possessing a human heart. The spare time is usually spent on internet with unknown and unseen characters who promise you a lot but can do nothing as their identity itself is shrouded in mystery. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other such means of social media always keep one engaged and the one who does not have any access to these apps is regarded as 'naive' and 'ignorant'…

Thanks to Facebook for providing us precious pleasure in this 21st century of tumults and storms. It has become a solace to lonely hearts and the best companion to the companionless. Today in this age of frustration it is a source of enormous peace and joy…!

Nowadays almost everyone has an account on Facebook. From school going kids to Middle aged folk, Facebook continues to govern each and every mind. Idleness which is the satan's sister is nowhere to be seen these days. According to G.B Shaw "An idle mans mind is a devil's workshop". Thanks to Facebook for preventing the devil from opening his shop. People can be seen lost in the world of Facebook everywhere–on roads, in streets, in public parks, in schools, colleges and universities, in shops and other places of public interest. Type any name and you will discover many accounts attached to it–fake as well as real. Not only the good for nothing fellows but the well-known, prominent figures are also there operating an account or a page. If you doubt my statement just type the name of any reputed lord in the search box and click on the search icon you will meet him/her in no time!

Facebook has become a means of recreation and enjoyment. Some people mostly youngsters love to befool others with fake accounts. Majority of boys are girls and girls boys. Facebook is the only place where boys fall in love with boys and girls fall in love with girls unknowingly. Most of the cases even turn serious which then end with an ill addiction to some devastating drug or simply with a suicide. True affairs also occur here but rarely and some of them really succeed by ending with a court marriage or home marriage.

Facebook is not overcrowded with its devotees only during the day but even during the silent dark night. The youngsters mostly teen agers sacrifice even the sweet and delicious sleep for the special Facebook pleasure. They go to bed early in the evening but turn the lights off (lights of phone displays) only after dawn. Throughout the calm night they do nothing except exchanging meaningless messages to mostly non existent princes or princesses in some mysterious lands for there are many actors who know well how to pose as innocent princes and princesses.

These days, to arrest the attention of people, you need to call them aloud twice or thrice and still there are some who never listen to you at all due to their absorption in this multi-faceted book–Facebook.

Facebook also brings to you the happenings from the word corners every second which is indeed appreciable. There are some pages related to almost every field aiming at providing illuminating things every minute. What the newspapers and magazines are going to publish the next day is uploaded on facebook in advance for the benefit of public. The religious pages, belonging to almost every religion are there to serve you with the religious stuff. There we find pages related to education as well on facebook to benefit the masses. But still there are some pages governed by some mysterious minds that have no special purpose at all. They just keep you engaged to offer you a company in loneliness…

There is much to say but I have a message from someone to read, a request from someone to accept, a status from someone needing a comment and a like, a tag from someone to look at………………….!

See you soon….!

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