Fall from glory

Let''s shun our hypocrisy and be honest in our approach.
Fall from glory
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Given the fact that man is supreme creation of God, he cannot walk away from his responsibilities. His actions must not be beastly. Choosing fence sitting all the time can ultimately lead to his fall from glory and push him to the abyss of evil. Men constitute society. A significant sign of progress and development of a society lies in the awakening of its people. Reaction to the saga of events and happenings must be spontaneously and not forced. If we don't reflect and regret wrongdoings now, and devouring one another continues, a day is not far when we will cease to exist. 

How can we fail to act when the situation demands action? Years ago, I witnessed a scene of murder at Greater Noida in Delhi-  a nightmare. As I was travelling in an autorikshaw along with my friend, we caught a glimpse of a gigantic young man chasing a dwarf poor-fellow. Instantly the traffic came to a standstill. Two more people joined the giant and gave the minnow life's beating. No one dared to intervene. I felt utterly dismayed. And thanked God for belonging to Kashmir where such happenings were unimaginable. But over the years the crime rate has increased here which is a matter of deep concern. And the day following Shabe-Qadr dawned the realization on me that We Are Gone. Now it is hate crime culminating into lynching – something merciless. A man is lynched to death. Ah! How far we have gone. Mohammad Ayub Pandith –a police officer on access control duty on the night of Shabe Qadr at Jamia Masjid – is stripped and stoned to death by an insane mob. The brutality with which the corpse is treated is overwhelmingly excruciating. He could have been saved by timely intervention of people in general and the good kani-jung players in particular. But everyone shamelessly chose to stay out of it and continued with prayers. Shocking! In the pursuit of seeking God, how could they ignore such a horrible incident? No doubt youth have right to express the rage and resentment after witnessing saga of death since decades in Kashmir. But when it results in a ghastly incident like this, what more to say. No justifications please. Nevertheless, Police and army atrocities' must end. Although it is an open secret that militants have local support yet mutilating, burning their dead bodies in encounters – real or fake – will only add fuel to the fire. Those in the corridors of power must first wash their hands off the dirt and clean the table and then talk. How can we fail to condemn when the situation demands condemnation? 

At least, his death deserved condemnation. Yes, people having human heart did come in protest in the form of strong condemnation. But in a fanatic move – gruesome, tactful yet politically incorrect, some pro- freedom leaders did not utter a word in reaction. Maybe, they fear the brick in the tender hands of an 8-year-old child? 

And it is high time we the people of this region choose the right people who can guide us. Rhetoric doesn't matter, reality matters. Let's shun our hypocrisy and be honest in our approach. 

The author is Assistant Professor AAA Memorial Degree College Bemina (Erstwhile Govt. Degree College Bemina) 

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