For the reasons of state

False ideas are disastrous.
For the reasons of state
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False ideas are disastrous. The governments of the world are drenched in such ideas. Even though these ideas, wrapped up in humanitarian aid, or idea for garnering a healthy society, are taken to socialize societies for attaining progress. But what they offer to the societies at the end of day is catastrophic. This reminds me of Ivan Pavlov, the Russian Physiologist who discovered that certain instincts (stimuli) that living organisms experience in their given environment could produce specific or desired behaviors. What was unique and peculiar about Pavlov's research was that the behavior of the animals, or organisms could be corrected or made. By doing so the living beings could be tamed and brought up for desired results. This idea came in the limelight under Soviets who adhered to it to cultivate a society or community to think or react on communist pattern. As a result both Lenin and Stalin briskly resorted to their war machinery, and this led to massacre of people. Lenin went with Ivan Pavlov experiment to indoctrinate minds. Lenin's idea of Communism made him even to appreciate the deadly famine of 1918 which took five million people in its strong grip, for he believed that it would bring more positives, like would usher in socialism, would perish faith in religion and above all make people bow before communism. By patronizing this idea, Lenin tried to feed social psyche differently to cater to the needs of communism. Stalin even left Lenin behind, as he, for the sake of communism approved cannibalism. These ideas adapted to give an unrivaled position to USSR did away with cultures, races, peace, prosperity, stability and integrity of the societies and nations. Similarly, the Marxist theory, claiming a better society based on role of conflict, has consumed about thousands of lives in Franco-Prussian War of 1871. Hitler's idea of ethenocentricism (making good Germans out of Germans) and Mussolini's idea of Statism (everything for the state, nothing against the state and nothing above the state) were no different , for they all tried recklessly to socialize societies for their own ends. 

Despite the catastrophic repercussions, states are not interested to learn from the past mistakes, rather believe in more brutal means to breed homogenized cultures. States  have grown too much Machiavellian in statecraft with no room to alternatives. They have developed more faith in militarism, or war prone politics, for they are very much tamed or socialized not to retreat but to repeat. There are ample examples, like Gulf Wars, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation New Dawn that are carried out with lot of so called 'pseudo-political decencies'. States add to this fragile atmosphere and exploited situations purely to serve their own interest. For example in 1990s Uniocal (American Oil Company) tried to hold Taliban, whom they are fighting in Afghanistan now, in their orbit of influence for "Pipeline Strategy". Even Glyn Davies, their then States Spokesperson for the sake of grinding his own axe declared Taliban not anti-Western and found nothing objectionable in their 'Sharia imposition'. Similarly, Bridas, an Argentinean Oil Company looked well disposed to Taliban, for they found later reasonably good to serve Argentinean objective. This culture is continuously gaining roots. 

Horrible prison cells are established by the states. The American base at Guantanamo Bay was no less than Hitler's Dachau (the horrific concentration camp) which nurtured this culture. What adds insult to injury is that even so called civilised societies like USA, and UK, are on the forefront to resort to Mercenary Soldier Companies, like Black Water, Academi, and Defion International,  reminding us of the  "Black Shirts" of Mussolini who were trained in "Kill Culture". In Afghanistan, prisoners were mercilessly killed in truck containers due to deliberate suffocation by these mercenary soldiers. What is adding fuel to the fire is the role of International bodies. The role of UNO reminds of "Judicial Elasticity of Hitler" where judges acted as they saw fit. Decisions are motivated and directed to play into the hands of states. Modern States have not shed this legacy, for they have also established Hitler's infamous courts – "People's Court", and "Special Courts" where there was no room for appeal or law. What is equally gruesome is that appointment of new governments and regimes is intentional, undemocratic and planted, hired for desired objectives. 

The patrons of these ideas of course try to justify oppressions. However, if seen through the prism of objectivity, this is De-Socialization or Repressive Socialization. In the former, individuals are stripped off their former life styles, values, beliefs, and asked to take up new roles, values, beliefs, and attitudes in order to become part of new social group. In the later, the obedience of the individual is gained through reward and punishment tools. Of course these are the offshoots of socialization but are largely practiced to cultivate a society to behave far from a sociable environment and come close to resent. 

The Syrian war is another ugly episode of this new socialization. Leading countries like USA, Russia, France etc, are dancing at this tune, as it is to fatten their economies (War Economy), Geo-economic and Geo-political strategies. Once again countries are displaying  dictatorial attitude which is bound to burn societies and people. Nurturing this culture means to create more space for violence. ISIS, germinating from this culture has thus grown more wild. 

The writer is a faculty at UMIKS, KU.

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