Friday Focus | Faith in relation to wisdom

Friday Focus | Faith in relation to wisdom
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Faith is intimately related to fair perception of value system, and to wisdom in distinguishing subtle differences of values, wisdom in turn is related to judicious use of senses as the parable in Holy Quran lays down:

''The parable of those who reject faith is as if one were to shout like a goatherd, to things and listen to nothing but calls and cries: deaf, dumb and blind. They are devoid of wisdom [2:171]

The parable implies that rejection of faith could lead to loss of highest wisdom and most salutary regulation. And, like ''dumb driven cattle'' we may merely hear calls, but cannot fairly interpret the meaning of what we hear. The shades of meaning could be a fair call to tread the path of righteousness or in contrast a call that could lead us astray. We may not also be able to distinguish subtle differences of values, were we to reject faith.

While as in the well known verse [2:18] we are told that rejecters of faith are deaf, dumb and blind and they will not return to the path implying righteous path, in the related verse [2:171] we stand appraised that the consequence of not using senses judiciously is staying devoid of wisdom.  Key to wisdom is judicious use of senses we are endowed with, in other words consequence of not using senses judiciously is to stand devoid of wisdom.

The interplay of faith, senses and wisdom as explained in the parable is a natural pattern, as faith strengthens the faculties we are endowed with–the five senses, it is faith nothing but faith which acts as the key to decision making by the potential of our sensibility and wisdom in imbibing a value system that enriches our physical and mental being, as we hear, see and relate what we need to, and shun what we may not need to hear, see and relate.

Yaar Zinda Sohbat Baqi  [Reunion is subordinate to survival]

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