Friday Focus | Quran— the inspiring message

Friday Focus | Quran— the inspiring message
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The Quran revealed in Arabic holds a message that is meant to take the faithful away from erroneous path, so that they tread the righteous path:

‘’Thus We have revealed it an Arabic Quran, and We have diversified the warnings in it, that perhaps they would become righteous, or it may produce a lesson for them’’ (20:113)

The sublime objective of Holy Quran is lucidly revealed, the message holds diversified warnings. The warnings are meant to outline the erroneous path, so that its outcome is clearly understood. And, as the outcome of treading the erroneous path is understood, choosing the righteous path remains the one and only option.

This is thus the productive lesson of Quran. Rich dividends of treading the righteous path find mention in the Aye-e-Sharif preceding the one noted above:

‘’But whosoever has done righteous deeds, while being a believer will neither fear injustice, nor grievance’’ (20:112)

It is clearly underlined that righteous deeds shall immunize the believer from injustice, were ever a tyrant attempt to wrong him or an exploiter try to deceive him, the righteous shall have nothing to grieve about, having filled his covenant with Allah.

In the Aye-e-Sharif following the one explaining the sublime objective of Holy Quran (20:113) it is laid down that the message Holy Quran holds has to dawn holistically for the right import and interpretation:

‘’Exalted is God, the True King. Do not be hasty with Quran before its inspiration to you is concluded, and say, My Lord, increase me in knowl edge’’ (20:114)

In the related Holy Verse, there is an initial emphasis on Allah being exalted, the True Master of Universe, the Ultimate and the Supreme Authority, and then on his Message, which may not be imbibed in haste, its total import has to dawn, so as to make its inspiration holistic. And, its holistic import may dawn with a prayer to the Lord to increase me in knowledge.

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