Friday Focus | The Phenomenon of the Unseen

…it distinguishes believers & disbelievers
Friday Focus | The Phenomenon of the Unseen
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The truth of unseen is accepted by believers without an iotaof doubt, they believe in the unseen, as ordained:

''Those who believe in the unseen, and perform the prayers,and give from what We have provided for them. And those who believe in what wasrevealed to you, and believe in what was revealed before you, and are certainof Hereafter. These are upon guidance from their Lord. These are the successful'' (02:03, 04 & 05)

Their belief in the unseen makes them pray, and out of whatAllah provides, they make provision for others. The believers believe in whatwas revealed to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and in what were revealed to theProphets before him, and they are certain about what the Divine Code says aboutHereafter. Since they act upon guidance from their Lord and what the DivineCode entails, they tread upon the path of success. 

There is another set of people however—the disbelievers,warned or not about consequences of disbelief, they continue on the path, whichis full of torment:

''As for those who disbelieve; it is same for them whetheryou have warned them, or have not warned them; they do not believe. God has seta seal on their hearts and on their hearing, and over their vision is a veil.They will have severe torment.  (02: 06& 07)

The disbelief hardens their hearts; the seal noted in AyahKareem pertains to total lack of perception vis-à-vis the Divine Code. Neitherdo they perceive what the Divine Code entails, nor does their sense of hearingremain tuned to it, and over their vision remains a veil depriving the sense ofsight to visualize the path of sanity.

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