Friday Focus|A solitary nation, a single community

…sectarianism promotes division
Friday Focus|A solitary nation, a single community

As ordained, world was supposed to be one nation, a singlecommunity, designed to act as per divinely set laws:

''The nation of yours was one nation, and I am your Lord, sofear Me'' (23:52)

World created by the Lord as one nation was meant to behabituated by one community with a uniform belief in the message carried by onemessenger after another in different localities, in various epochs. What wasinherent in the message was the same set of laws to be followed, and as thelaws were the same, it left hardly a space to break into different communities.

As it stands, the idea of oneness, of a single nationcomprised of a single community had had a sectarian divide, breaking the unity,as also the concept of abiding by the divinely designed uniform set of laws:

''But people have cut off their affair (of unity), betweenthem, into sects: each party rejoices in that which is with itself.'' (23:53)

Breaking the bond of unity and getting into state ofsectarian divide results from bewilderment—a confused state of mind, obliviousof the fact that divine bliss of wealth and children does not translate tohaste in providing all that is good and rewarding. In fact, they do not knowthat the reality is different; their evil deeds will not be ignored:

''So leave them in their bewilderment until a time confusedignorance for a time.  Do they assumethat, in furnishing them with wealth and children, We would hasten to give themthe good things? Nay, they do not understand.'' (23: 54, 55, 56)

However there are those with precise understanding of thestate of their being, they believe in direction provided by the Lord, they donot assign partners with their Lord, they are merciful and on return to theirLord, they shall have mercy:

''Verily those who live in awe for fear of their Lord; thosewho believe in the Signs of their Lord; those who join not (in worship)partners with their Lord; and those who dispense their charity with theirhearts full of fear, because they will return to their Lord'' (23: 57, 58, 59,60)

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