From my bed in Super Speciality

The point is who saved me after all.......!
Representational Image [Source: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay]
Representational Image [Source: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay]

The toughest journey of my life over the last one month, seems, stands almost completed. Tricks didn't work out nor the over-discipline, the invisible Coronavirus proved that it was more intelligent and swift than all of us. It went exactly into the same portion of the body that it loves to discharge and destruct with vengeance.

Two serious attacks, one stress-attack, hyphoxia, on 10th May 2021 in the early morning, and the other one during the night of May 16-17, 2021 were enough to signal about the serious body deterioration. It was enough a hint to the all so-called wise, including this small creature of nature. However, destiny played the role, when my worthy young son, Adv. Pulkit, who was himself Covid positive, decided to take charge, and implemented his plans with precision, guts and bravery.

The support of the general administration of the UT and the medical administration was overwhelming, they managed all the tests right after the eventful night when my life was virtually consigned to the whims and fancies of the oxygen cylinders and concentrators. This author couldn't dream even a single breath without the support of oxygen for full 24 hours, and it was so horrible that on a few occasions, bad ideas led me to even to surrender before the events…..!

But as soon as I was admitted in the Super Speciality Ward at Jammu after being rigourously tested and scanned in the CD Hospital, and put on the bed, the super-technology of medication with unconventional focus took over. The team of doctors pounced upon the virus, infection, oxygen saturation, and pain in the body, whole hog. They virtually opened all gates to fire their artillery. It was a multipronged attack on the disease, never allowing the cunning-virus to search for any escape routes. The whole modus operandi brought the shift back into the noble hands of efficient doctors and what I visualised was, that I may survive again…..!

We were taught that teachers, judges and doctors are placed after gods and angels, I saw that happening. Within two hours, I was back to "almost a life again", yes….!

Immediately, I observed that tons of good wishes, prayers, blessings were shot at me by all and sundry, across regions, religions, communities and even nationalities. It was like opening the floodgates of goodwill showers from all around. Some invisible powers, I could visualise, were pushing me back to life, slowly and steadily. It was the richest experience of my life when I observed myself in both the worlds at one and the same time.

Exactly, 24 hours at this Super Speciality, on 17th May 2021, that has a team of a committed and dedicated staff under the supervision of the ablest Dr. Harjeet Rai, as the Superintendent of the Hospital, changed the whole game. I was back into life, full fledged, with the efforts of all the medical staff present. The blessings and good wishes played their role, brilliantly and gorgeously.

Super Speciality Hospital, Jammu for this author has become the "Super-Sprituality" Hospital in essence and order. Right from here, can I watch "Bhave-Wali" goddess sending her choicest divine blessings, without which nothing would be possible. Positivity and positive approach won the toughest struggle of life. I am almost today without any oxygen supply connection under the observation of the doctors, on 22 May 2021, for the first. Things seem perfectly fine.

In addition, my Covid reports are Negative, Blood and ECG reports are clear and general condition is said to be stable. God is great and his manifestations are fascinating. A new life to an almost gone case, medical miracles, power of good wishes from all around and the divinity of blessings from the above; all did what was expected. There is no parallel available before me as such that could be put as an example here to suggest that miracles don't happen. It happened and happened with full exposure and glaze. Have faith in the generosity of God, sure.

Support from all quarters, the NGOs, friends, brothers, sisters, colleagues and men of material, everyone contributed to overcome the difficult situation. The most important aspect remains that the people need to be informed about the positive aspects of the situation than keeping socially disconnected.

Physical distance caution is not necessarily the social-cutting option of relations. We can get the social connect through the tap of social media more powerfully implemented through our initiative and creative intelligence. What was more impressive was that the team of doctors here in the hospital was equally attentive to every single patient, a lot of patients were discharged after having recovered very well. The nebulisation effect, messaging on the back, emphasis on intermittent exercises and engaging in breathing games on small instruments are new methods to bring the patients quickly out of the morass of the situation. It is simply brilliant and inspiring.

My sincere thanks to the Covid specialist Dr. Nissar ul hassan Malik for his pains, guidance and treatment at my home through the virtual mode. He is a gem in the field of virology, undoubtedly.

Atal Dulloo, the Financial Commissioner-Health, his office team, Dr. Raghav Langer, Div Com Jammu, the Superintendent, Super Speciality or the "Super-Spirituality", Dr. Harjeet Rai need special mention, here for what they did. They are doing a splendid job, indeed. The whole team of brilliant doctors in Ward no. 4 is an asset of any institution. The senior staff Nurse, Incharge Ward no.4, Vishal Arora is all a dedicated guy, doing everything with brilliance. I also extend my love and thanks to him.

And how can I omit the name of my esteemed and old friend, Dr. Jitendra Singh, MoS, PMO who right on the first day made all enquiries and investigations about the case and made my stay at Super Speciality a memorable part of my journey. Thanks dear for your attention and pains.

We are almost ready to be discharged, I presume today itself, with the blessings of all of you. I express my gratitude to all of you, wherever you are…….it is you who wanted me to come alive to my home, and you all are victors. This struggle and success belong to you all, my dear….God bless you.

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