Accounts and Treasuries employees directed not to participate in Radio- DD programmes

Accounts and Treasuries 
employees directed not to participate in Radio- DD programmes

Jammu: All the employees of Accounts and Treasuries, Finance Department have been directed to refrain from participating in radio, Doordarshan programmes warning them of strict disciplinary action.

The directions were issued while acting on a complaint lodged in the grievance portal of J&K Government regarding participation of some employees in radio and Doordarshan programmes in different capacities like script writers, casual readers, anchors, interviewers, etc.

Even as the General Administration Department has not issued any formal order in this regard, a senior official told Greater Kashmir that: “As per the civil service conduct rules, the officials have to seek prior permission from the GAD in writing if they want to write articles, interviews etc.”

Citing an example, the official said that “A Principal Secretary ranked senior IAS officer who is heading a department in J&K Government, has also sought permission for an article to be published in a news-paper.”

“Today, the GAD has given permission for the same to the senior IAS officer,” the officer said, and added that: “The officers/employees must seek permission before participating in any activity which is not related to their job.”

However, the Director General, Accounts and Treasuries, Finance Department, Mahesh Dass has taken serious note of the participation of some employees in radio and Doordarshan programmes.

Accordingly, an official said that the Finance Department’s Accounts and Treasury has advised all of its employees to refrain from such activities and adhere to the employees conduct rules 1971, any violation of these rules is a serious matter and shall attract disciplinary action.

“Every Government servant is required to maintain absolute integrity, devotion to duty and do nothing which is unbecoming of a government servant,” the official said, quoting advice.

The official said that: “A government employee is bound by the J&K Government Employee (Conduct) Rules, 1971, all the time during his service. These rules contain provisions covering a wide range of topics governing employees conduct from public to private life.”

“Rule 13 of these rules is related to connection with Press or Radio which among other things prohibits a government employee from participating in a radio broad cost or contribute an article or write a letter to a newspaper or periodical either in his name or anonymously, pseudonymous or in the name of any other person expect with the previous sanction of government / prescribed authority,” the official further said while quoting recent advice to the employees of Accounts and Treasuries, Finance Department.

Despite a clear rule position, the officer said some employees have been reportedly participating in radio / Doordarshan programmes in difficult capacities and it compelled the department to issue an advisory.

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