Amid biting cold Amar Singh College leaves students shivering

College among various institutes without heating arrangements
Amar Singh College
Amar Singh CollegeFile/GK

Srinagar: Resentment is brewing among the students against the Amar Singh College, Srinagar’s administration for its failure to provide heating arrangements in the institution amid the biting cold.

The students of the college, which is one of the constituent colleges of the Cluster University Srinagar (CUS), complained that there were no heating arrangements in place in the college, leaving them at the receiving end.

"Our classes are still going on but there are no heating arrangements in place due to which we shiver the entire day," said a student expressing his anger against the college administration.

“We fail to understand why the college has not made any preparations of heating arrangements till date while Kashmir is freezing at sub-zero temperatures," the student said.

They expressed concern over the lack of heating facilities in the classrooms.

"Not to talk of any heating appliances, the college does not have a simple coal heater available for us," the students said.

An official said the crisis erupted in the college over the non-availability of the heating facilities as the college has not released previous payment to the sweepers and the staff working on local funds of the college.

“It is the responsibility of the concerned principal to deal with the issue but the college is yet to clear the payment of last year of the sweepers," a local employee said.

“Last time our services were utilised to put in place coal heaters in all the halls during college exams and IGNOU exam conducted in the college. But we are yet to receive the payment of last year's services," the employee said.

Owing to the delay in releasing the previous year's payment, the sweepers and the local fund staff have refused to work this year and put in place coal heaters in classrooms.

“We are ready to work if the college clears the previous liability and provides advance payment for this year," the employee said.

Another employee said that earlier a professor of the college would deal with the issue but he was recently transferred following his promotion as principal of another college.

"Now we are being tossed from table to table on one pretext or the other. The college is least bothered about this genuine issue," the employee said.

They said that they had never faced such a situation in the college during the past years and would get the payment the next day of their work.

"I have been working in this college for the last 16 years and have never seen such a situation wherein the poor employees are deprived of their rights," he said.

The college employees recalled the work culture of the former college principals and said that the employees would never face such ill treatment for working in the college.  "In the past tenure our money used to get released within days," the employees said.

“Receiving payment for setting up coal heaters was never an issue in the college but now we are made to run from pillar to post to get payment of the previous years," the employees said.

Principal Amar Singh College, Prof Bashir Ahmad Rather was not available for his comments on the issue despite repeated attempts.

However, an official from CUS said that there was no administrative control of the university on the constituent colleges. "Recently, a meeting was convened in this regard at CUS and the college principals were directed to ensure heating arrangements were in place for the students," the official said. He said that the meeting was convened after the students complained of non-availability of heating arrangements in the colleges.

As similar reports of the absence of heating arrangements are being received from various other colleges too, Greater Kashmir would highlight the issue by carrying reports on those academic institutions too.

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