Delegates marvel at Kashmiri crafts

The beautiful Pashmina shawls were at the centre of the market's attraction.
The beautiful Pashmina shawls were at the centre of the market's attraction.Aman Farooq/GK

Srinagar: The G20 delegates on their visit to the Polo View Market in the City Centre were charmed by its merchandise comprising an array of traditional treasures like Pashmina shawls, papier-mâché, walnut carving, and crewel items.

The market offered an enthralling experience to the delegates, showcasing the finest examples of Kashmiri artistry.

The diverse range of traditional items on display charmed the international delegates.

The beautiful Pashmina shawls were at the centre of the market's attraction.

The delegates appreciated the exquisite patterns and marveled at the skill involved in the creation of these magnificent outfits.

Equally enchanting were the papier-mâché products, which exemplified the fine art of delicate handcrafting.

The delegates marveled at the intricate patterns and vivid colours adorning the lacquered papier-mâché boxes, vases, and other decorative items.

They got to know about the process that involves moulding and painting layers of paper to create these unique and vibrant works of art.

The delegates were also drawn to the walnut carved items that reflected the mastery of Kashmiri artisans.

Intricate patterns and motifs adorned the wooden artifacts, ranging from jewellery boxes to wall hangings.

The walnut carvings showcased the rich cultural heritage of the region and left a lasting impression on the international visitors.

President of the Polo View Market Haji Muhammad Ismail told Greater Kashmir that the foreign delegates were attracted to the traditional Kashmiri handicrafts hub.

He said that their visit would prove beneficial for them as it would boost the fading art of Kashmir at the international platform.

"These delegates bought different items like Pashmina shawls, jackets and other intricate handicrafts items from other shopkeepers as well. Polo View is a decades-old hub of Kashmiri handicrafts. Our shop is 125-years-old. Others too are here selling products from hundreds of years," Ismail said.

“We are very happy that this event was held in Kashmir. This will definitely help us and grow our fading business," he said.

In addition to these captivating highlights, the market boasted an array of other traditional items that further delighted the G20 delegates.

From handcrafted pottery to intricately woven carpets, the visitors were immersed in the vibrant variety of Kashmiri culture.

As the delegates left the market, they expressed their admiration for the artisans' dedication and the rich artistic heritage preserved in the Polo View Market.

Talking to Greater Kashmir, trader and spokesperson of the Polo View Market, Saqlain Kawoosa said that this market was decades old and famous for Kashmiri handicrafts.

"We have always provided the best quality handicrafts item to our customers. We mostly deal with international tourists. These foreign delegates will definitely promote the traditional Kashmiri handicrafts in their own countries,” he said. “Besides, there will be employment and business opportunities for them. We have extended our hospitality to these delegates as well.”

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