Kashmiri Pandits celebrate Navreh Milan with fervour

Hundreds participate in Puja, inter-community cultural festival
Kashmiri Pandits celebrate Navreh Milan with fervour
During the celebration scores of Kashmiri Pandits were seen singing and participating in the festival.Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Hundreds of Kashmir Pandits celebrated Navreh Milan festival with religious fervor on Saturday. One of the largest celebrations took place at Srinagar, Hariparbat where people participated in Puja.

To mention, Navreh or Kashmiri New Year is the celebration of the first day of the Kashmiri new year by the Kashmiri Pandit community.

Kashmiri Pandits dedicate Navreh festival to their Goddess Sharika and pay homage to her during the festival. This time Navreh was celebrated as an intercommunity cultural festival.

During the festival, Kashmiri Pandit community from across the country reached Kashmir to attend the special puja held at the Sharika Devi temple in Hari-parbat today.

The festival function was organised by the JK Peace Forum. The organisers said that the purpose of this program was to inculcate a sense of security and self-respect for the Pandit community.

This time BJP leader Subramanian Swamy also participated in the festival and offered prayers at Sharika Temple. Meanwhile, Navreh Milan program was also held at Sher-e-Kashmir Park in Srinagar. The program witnessed the participation of hundreds of visitors and was marked by various cultural events to promote communal harmony in Kashmir.

During the celebration scores of Kashmiri Pandits were seen singing and participating in the festival. The participants expressed their happiness that such a program was organized on the occasion.

“I have celebrated this festival in Kashmir for 20 years, It is a good thing that such festivals are celebrated. It is important for the promotion of our culture and knowing our history. I hope this festival will be a reason for communal harmony,” said Arti , who had come from Jammu to celebrate the festival.

Another Pandit devotee said that the day is very important for them as it marks New Year for Kashmir Pandits.

“We are happy that such a cultural event was organized by the organisers on the occasion of this festival. We were delighted to see the representation of our culture and other programmes like painting and singing. Such festivals will teach our younger generation about communal harmony and how we used to live and represent our culture,” said another devotee.

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