Omar appeals minority community members not to leave Kashmir

File Photo of Omar Abdullah
File Photo of Omar Abdullah

Srinagar: National Conference vice president Omar Abdullah on Thursday appealed to members of minority communities in Kashmir not to leave the valley, saying that the perpetrators of the recent civilian killings can't be

allowed to succeed in their "evil designs".

Taking to Twitter hours after a woman principal and a teacher belonging to minority communities were shot dead by militants here, Abdullah said terror can't be allowed to dictate who will live in Kashmir and who won't.

"On my part, I am making a heartfelt appeal to all those who will be thinking of leaving the valley out of fear. Please don't. We can't let the perpetrators of these terror attacks succeed in their evil designs by driving you out. The overwhelmingly majority of us don't want you to go," Abdullah tweeted.

He said the targeted attacks in Kashmir are designed to create fissures and widen the gap between communities.

"We cannot let terror dictate who lives here & who doesn't. It is imperative that all of us belonging to the majority community reach out to those who today fear for their lives," he added.

Abdullah further said, "The primary responsibility for security is & will always be the duty of the administration of the day. It can't be shifted to individuals & political parties to suit political convenience & misplaced loyalties. That said we all have the responsibility to do what we can to help."

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