Overcrowded NTPHC in Baramulla's old hospital building raises concerns

Overcrowded NTPHC in Baramulla's old hospital building raises concerns

Baramulla: The New Type Primary Health Centre (NTPHC) facility located in the old hospital building in Baramulla town has been grappling with an overwhelming influx of patients.

With just a doctor and paramedics on staff, patients often face agonisingly long waiting times for their health examinations, raising concerns among the local population.

According to hospital records, an average of 150-160 patients seek medical attention at the NTPHC facility every day.

However, the limited staff strength has resulted in hardships for patients seeking care.

"I have been here for an hour, waiting for my turn. There's only one doctor available, and around 50 patients are waiting," said Fayaz Ahmad, a patient at the facility on Tuesday.

The old hospital building, centrally located in Baramulla town, lost its primary utility when the main hospital was relocated to Kantbagh, subsequently becoming associated with Government Medical College (GMC), Baramulla.

In response to persistent demands from the local population, the NTPHC was established at the old hospital building.

Residents from the old town and nearby areas prefer visiting the NTPHC in the old hospital building due to its nearby location.

Locals have urged the administration to increase the hospital's capacity by adding at least one more doctor and providing essential lab testing facilities.

They believe that these enhancements would benefit the people at large and reduce the burden of the single doctor available.

Concerns have also been raised regarding the deployment of homeopathic doctors instead of allopathic doctors at the facility.

Farooq Ahmad, a resident, while highlighting the issue said, the only doctor available at the facility is usually a BUMS doctor, who prescribes allopathic medicines.

"The doctors here are employed on a rotation basis," said Farooq Ahmad, a local.

The overcrowding and healthcare challenges faced by the NTPHC in Baramulla's old hospital building demands urgent need for additional medical staff and infrastructure improvement to ensure patients at large are benefitted.

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