PURE EVIL: Now they target our little angels

PURE EVIL: Now they target our little angels
People and Media Persons stand near the site of the attack, where a cop was killed and his daughter injured in Srinagar's Soura on Tuesday. Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: Pakistan-backed terrorists have started targeting our little angels. This is not for the first time they have blood on their hands. The terrorists supported by Pakistan have been killing innocent Kashmiris for the last three decades.

Backed by underground terror mules, the terrorists on Tuesday targeted 9-year old daughter of a police personal, who was killed in cold blood in Soura area of Srinagar outskirts.

Just a day later, minutes after having gunned down a woman social media content creator, terrorists injured her 10-year old nephew in central Kashmir’s Chadoora area, sending shockwaves among people across the Valley.

At a time when children of their age across rest of the world are busy exploring the advent of technology and living their childhood to the fullest, innocent kids in Kashmir are being attacked by cruel hands.

The shadow of guns over the minds and souls of our young ones is the most unfortunate thing which a society can be plagued with. Time has come to shun the gun and save future generations.

Leading child psychologists say the trauma of barbaric attacks on children creates an ecosystem of fear and even if a child survives an attack of the intensity that we witnessed in Soura and Chadoora of late, the traumatic experience lives with them for the rest of their lives.

“Now-a-days there is nothing that remains hidden from our children. So is the case with day to day happenings. Imagine a child asking you questions of why another kid of his or her age was showered with bullets,” says a child psychologist wishing not to be named.

While several medical studies have underlined the trauma which children in Kashmir have been subject to due to large-scale violence, the recent targeted attacks involving children is a worrying sign. “These predators are now running out of victims and such is the limit of their bravery that they are attacking innocent children. The scars of such terror crimes is not just felt by its direct victims but children in general living in such a trouble-torn place get adversely affected by it,” the psychologist said.

It is high time that the government wakes up to the reality of terrorism and brutalities against children. With killing of dozens of police personnel the government must also strengthen its anti-terror policy and provide an utmost sense of security to families as well as these personnel.

Often referred to as ‘children of the conflict’, tiny tots of the Valley have had to face the last two nightmarish days and one hopes there is no repetition of these tumultuous times.

Innocents as young as 9-year old and a 10-year old, not even having understood the basic nuances of the materialism of this world, becoming targets of some fringe elements, aiming to fulfill their ulterior motives is a sorry state of affairs.

The eerie silence over attacks on these little angels is equally condemnable. There has to be a collective condemnation of such brutal acts of terror.

The general feeling in Kashmir, among its citizens and netizens, is that civil society, politicians must up their ante against anti-national elements, which have been shielded so far.

Time has arrived to come out of the cocoon and raise a voice against such people who indulge in broad-day light murders.

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