RAHUL BHAT'S KILLING | Special Section in LG Secretariat for PM package employees; posting at secure district, Tehsil HQ: LG Sinha

Meets BJP delegation
The Lt Governor, Manoj Sinha assured the delegation that the administration has taken necessary steps to ensure welfare and security of PM package employees and all concerns will be addressed in a time-bound manner.
The Lt Governor, Manoj Sinha assured the delegation that the administration has taken necessary steps to ensure welfare and security of PM package employees and all concerns will be addressed in a time-bound manner.ANI

Srinagar: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Sunday met a delegation led by BJP J&K President, Ravinder Raina and General Secretary (Organisation) Ashok Koul. Former Legislators, Surinder Ambardar and Sofi Yousuf, besides BJP Spokesperson, Altaf Thakur and BJP District President Srinagar, Ashok Bhat were also part of the delegation.

The delegation expressed concerns over the innocent’s killing, handed over a memorandum to the Lt Governor, and appealed for action on the set of demands related to PM package employees.

BJP leaders also requested the Lt Governor to look into the promotion grievances of PM package employees, on which the Lt Governor assured the delegation that he will immediately instruct the administrative secretaries to examine and address the issue on priority.

The Lt Governor, Manoj Sinha assured the delegation that the administration has taken necessary steps to ensure welfare and security of PM package employees and all concerns will be addressed in a time-bound manner.

All the PM package employees will be posted at secure District and Tehsil Headquarters and Jammu Kashmir Police will ensure adequate security of employees and their family members, said the Lt Governor.

“It is a very sensitive and emotional moment for the entire administration and the nation, and we must stand united in the fight against terror. Two terrorists involved in the attack have been killed. We have given full freedom to the security forces and the remaining will be eliminated soon. Let me assure you, those behind plotting the attack and their supporters will be punished soon,” Lt Governor told the BJP delegation.

The Lt Governor further told the BJP leaders that Jammu Kashmir Police has been directed to ensure foolproof security for the PM package employees.

“The SIT has been formed to probe into all aspects of Rahul Bhat’s killing and it will also look into the tear gas shelling incident. Strict action will be taken against those found guilty”, the Lt Governor said.

The Lt Governor has also constituted a special cell for PM package employees within LG Secretariat and Additional Secretary Akshay Labroo will be the nodal officer.

The special cell will handle the grievances of PM package employees and it will coordinate with district administrations and other concerned departments to ensure the grievances of PM package employees are resolved at the earliest.

The BJP delegation has demanded that a nodal officer should be appointed for confidence-building measures. The Nodal officer Akshay Labroo will hold regular meetings with the PM package employees as part of this initiative.

The memorandum handed over to LG Manoj Sinha by BJP in the backdrop of killing of Rahul Bhat Kashmiri Hindu employees are currently in the most distress phase of survival and it was imperative to infuse among the sense of security, confidence and belongingness.

The memorandum handed over LG Sinha by the delegation led by Ravinder Raina accessed by Greater Kashmir says that five thousand year old Kashmiri Hindus civilisation is an integral and inseparable idea of Bhartiyta in the valley of Kashmir. “This miniscule human resource committed to Sanatan civilisation and ideas of India will continue to remain heart and soul of essence, idealogy, strength and human infrastructure of nation in the valley of Kashyapa.”

Their generations, it says, have been fighting their civilisational battle for past 700 years, faced many phases of genocides triggering their exodus from their valley of Sati and Sharda pradesha. But their resolve and commitment to fight back, return back and re-root Santan-Saraswat civilisation in valley of Kashmir has been continuing since past 7 centuries. “This battle of survival for them in valley is still on as on the day.”

“Despite facing exodus due to killings and terrorism sponsored by Pakistan under Operation TOPAC, they have come back not only for jobs but to increase the footfall of idea of nationalism in this land, which is still in the grip of Pakistan sponsored insurgency and radicalisation,” it said.

“It is imperative other part of government to infuse among the sense of security, confidence and belongingness, so that this civilisation prosper again in this valley and integrate into this milieu. Head of state is like father figure, who has to ensure sense of security of his weaker section of the population among the majority and stand by them like a rock.”

“Kashmiri Hindu employees are currently in the most distress phase of survival. The sense of incoming death is most fearful thing for anyone, particularly when he or she lives in an uncertain situation caused by unbridled gun, whose first and foremost target is a Kashmir Hindu and all those Kashmiris, who stand with India and fight to bring in change towards peace, progress and prosperity in Kashmir,” it said. “Compositness which means Kashmiriyat is because of minority Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir. Without them, Kashmir will be one religion region devoid of Compositness.”

1) The sense of insecurity is increasing high among Kashmiri PM package employees due to chain of killings of Hindus in valley during past over a year. Repeated assurance were given to them at each time the killing of any Hindu took place that it won't be repeated again. And Rahul Bhat's killing in over busy government office in broad day light by terrorists has shattered them.

A) Next day the KP employees faced lathicharge and teargas shelling instead of providing confidence and sense of security by LG administration. Some of them injured and video of which went viral resulting in anti-BJP and anti-Modi ji sloganeering by them in Kashmir and Jammu seen for the first time in past three decades.

B) On Friday the administration locked gates of transit complexes housing KP employees and their families denying the movement to markets to get food, vegetables and milk. They could send their children to school, as per their grievances.

They are not bonded labourers brought here. What happened in the day was protests and clashed with police to open gates. It was heating touch instead of confidence building measure, they alleged. The alienation drew them raise anti Modi-ji and anti-BJP slogans during protests in Jammu, Srinagar, Baramulla-Kupwara, Vessu, Mattan and outside the UT.

C) Result of all this, as per the community people, is that they want to leave valley, which will be be disastrous step and black spot on the initiatives of the government. Despite sitting on dharna, neither administration nor head of UT, the KPs say, has reached to them to give them sense of confidence and assurance. They are hell bent mass resignation.

D) After holding talks with cross section of community members, it was majority raised that during last over an year violence against Hindus has increased which was not happened in the past. They were of the opinion that those members of (Army, police, CPMF) involved in counter terrorism and security setup laid down their lives in attacks, and Kashmiri muslim, who were part of political setup and elected PRI and involved support to government setup also were attacked and killed.

All minorities, particularly Kashmiri Pandits & other Hindus and Sikhs have come here to serve Kashmiris and do their jobs. They are not involved in an other activity. They are unarmed. But during past over an year, killings of KPs, including those who never migrated from Kashmir since terrorism in 1990 (5 people) were killed brutally.

E) In 2021, there was huge migration of Hindu labourers, some of whom were killed by terrorists in chain of attacks. The scenes of 2021 migration went viral on the media across country.

The minority Kashmiri Hindu & Sikhs are losing confidence as they say the lower and middle section bureaucracy and officialdom has same eco-system as that of previous period. They say they are being facing harassment, which they can not say post release of Kashmir Files. They say the orders and instructions given by LG sahib from time for posting PM package employees to nearer places of their residence and not in far flung areas due to security threat are no implemented, resulting in harassment.

F) During the Congress rule, when this special employment policy was framed, a 'bond to serve in Kashmir till retirement' was made main condition to getting employment. This clause is in violation of the constitution of India and a grave human rights violation meant to give them bad sense of being 'bond labourer' not an employee.

G) While several departments has given promotions to these KP package employees, PWD department has denied promotion to Junior Engineers, who are serving the department since padt 12 years. The employees moved from piller to post but was outrightly rejected by Commissioner resulting in alienation.

H) There are grievances of elected members of PRI belonging to KPs that they have come to serve here to increase national footprints need secured accomidation and support from administration. They are not given secured accomidation and one head of Devsar panchayat - a Kashmir Pandit was removed by Relief Commissioner from Vessu transit camp duly alloted to him by DC on security grounds. I feel the issues needs to be addressed on SoS basis on the above mentioned grievances and pent up feelings, which I feel my responsibility to raise honestly before your goodself.

1) We feel there is urgent need for reaching out to these protesting employees by your good self inbid provide the sense of security, confidence and belongingness.

2) We suggest that this clause of "bond" of previous employment policy formulated by Congress needs to be done away with to address this demand of employees. As employees in Jammu and Kashmir are central government employees, policy should also include providing them jobs in Central services too. Revisiting this previous policy, would reauthor it as BJP's fresh employemeng policy with a human touch.

3) A nodel cell at LG office should be created and institutionalised for fully implemention of orders, notifications, instructions with regard these employees and their grievances. Each district should have nodel cell to deal with this issues under dirdct control of DCs under overall control of LG.

4) We also suggest their posting in various secured institutions like police, secretriate, Raj Bhawan, city and town based government departments, where there is security setup available.

5) Housing for all. Till the government constructs housing facilities as per the announcement of Honourable Home Minister Shri Amit Shah Ji, there is need to move them to some newly constructed government buildings in various districts from insecured rented accomidation. These government accomodation should have security and facilities for housing them. Moreover there is demand of permanent allotment in the names of employees in Kashmir as part of their rehabilitation.

6) To ensure sense, they need to be given breathing time to come out of truma and threat perception and administration should immediately ebsure confidence building measures.

7) We suggest to address the major grievances of all promotion issues immediately by calling a meeting to instruct administrative secretaries to implement it on the ground.

8) Employees darbar needs to held in once a month in colonies of these employees inorder to intiative CBMs that will ensure sense of security and belongingness.

9) Jammu region based Hindus, ST's & Pahari employees those got selected under various reserve categories and even open Category employees ( Panchayat Accountants) officers those are serving in different areas in Kashmir Valley should be taken Care off as they too are on the targets of terrorists.

We hope these issues raised by us will be addressed as soon as possible, as we know we have most popular and honourable governor sahib famous for outreach programs.


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