Ramadhan to be observed from today

Ramadhan to be observed from today
People buy dates and other food items as the Holy month of Ramadhan begins in Kashmir.Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: The holy month of Ramadhan will begin on Sunday, April 3 in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The announcement was made by J&K Grand Mufti after the moon was sighted on Saturday evening.

Grand Mufti J&K, Nasir-ul-Islam announced that as the moon has been sighted and the holy month of Ramadan will begin on April 3 in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Grand Mufti told the media that moon sightings have been reported from various places of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that “we have received ample testimonies of moon sightings and now we are confirming that Ramadhan will start from Sunday”.

He added that the first Tarweeh prayers across J&K will be offered on April 2, Saturday. Meanwhile, people after offering the Magrib Prayers climbed on the upper stories of their homes and other elevated spots to sight the moon.

The sighting of moon is considered holy as per Islam and people say special prayers while sighting the moon.

“I saw many people climbing on elevated spots to sight the moon. As the weather was pleasant, it was easy to sight the moon. I including many of my friends, sighted the moon in Hazratbal area. We prayed to Allah for the blessing of Holy month of Ramadhan,” said Muhammad Younis from Hazratbal.

The holy month of Ramadhan is a busy month in the context of religious activities. All the devotees prefer to offer prayers in large gatherings. Tarweeh, a special Ramadan prayer is offered across Kashmir in which people hear the long recitation of the holy Quran. Some of the large gatherings are held at Hazratbal, Jamia Masjid, and other Khankahas.

While talking to Greater Kashmir, Imam Khateeb Hazratbal Shrine, Dr Kamaal Farooqi said that the focus of the Ramadan sermons will be about helping each other and praying for communal harmony and peace in Kashmir. He said that all of Ummah should focus on good deeds and not make Ramadhan about restraining from eating only.

“During the whole month, Dargah shrine is full of devotees offering prayers and participating in zikir and Darood Khwani. We should make this month about helping each other and not forgetting the poor and needy in our localities. We should extend our helping hands to everyone irrespective of religion,” he said.

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