Special Session of Parliament | J&K on path of peace, development: PM Modi

Special Session of Parliament | J&K on path of peace, development: PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday said Jammu and Kashmir was progressing on the path of peace and development.

An official statement issued to the Press Information Bureau (PIB) quoted the PM while addressing the Members of Parliament in the Central Hall during the Special Session of the Parliament as saying that J&K was progressing on the path of peace and development and its people do not wish to let opportunities slip out of their hands anymore.

Underlining with immense pride and highlighting the contributions of the public representatives in repealing Article 370, he said, “The constitution provided to us by our ancestors is now being implemented in J&K.”

Modi said that faster results could be achieved with a faster progress rate.

Referring to India's ascent into the top five economies, he said that the world and India was confident that the country would break into the top three economies.

The PM underlined the importance of the current times when Indian aspirations were at their all-time high in thousand years.

He said India whose aspirations were chained for a thousand years was not ready to wait now as it wants to move with aspirations and create new goals.

Modi said that amidst new aspirations, framing new laws and getting rid of outdated laws was the highest responsibility of the Parliamentarians.

The Prime Minister underlined that it is the expectation of every citizen and the belief of every Parliamentarian that all passed laws, discussions, and messages relayed from the Parliament should encourage Indian aspirations.

“Highest priority should be accorded to the roots of Indian aspirations for every reform that is introduced in the Parliament,” he said.

Modi said who would not want to be self-reliant in defence, manufacturing, energy, and edible oil and in this quest party politics should not be an obstacle.

He stressed moving forward to create new global benchmarks in the manufacturing sector of India for products such as agricultural, designer, software, and handicrafts.

The PM said that the momentum and attraction generated by the success of Chandrayaan should not be wasted.

“Social justice is our primary condition,” he said. “Discussion on social justice has become very restricted and there is a need for a comprehensive look.”

Modi said that social justice involves empowering the deprived sections with connectivity, clean water, electricity, medical treatment, and other basic amenities.

He stressed that the imbalance in development was also against social justice and mentioned the backwardness of the eastern part of the country.

“By strengthening our eastern part we have to impart the power of social justice there,” the PM said.

 He said that the entire world was looking towards India and that India was considered a neutral country during the Cold War era but today, India is known as ‘Vishwa Mitra’ where India was reaching out to other nations for friendly relations while they were looking forward to a friend in India.

Modi said that India was reaping the benefits of such a foreign policy as the nation had emerged as a stable supply chain for the world.

He said that the G20 Summit was a medium to fulfill the needs of the global south and expressed confidence that future generations would feel immense pride for this momentous achievement.

“The seeds planted by the G20 Summit will turn into a huge banyan tree of trust for the world,” the PM said.

He mentioned the Biofuel Alliance that was formalised at the G20 Summit and said that a huge biofuel movement was taking place at the global level under the leadership of India.

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