Strikes, stone pelting, protests in Kashmir now history: LG Sinha

‘Days of fear, corruption are over’
LG Manoj Sinha during the Independence Day parade ceremony at Sher-i-Kashmir Stadium in Srinagar.
LG Manoj Sinha during the Independence Day parade ceremony at Sher-i-Kashmir Stadium in Srinagar.Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

Srinagar: In his Independence Day speech, Lt Governor Manoj Sinha Monday said that the strikes, stone pelting, and protests had become things of the past and the nightmare of seven decades was over as a fear-free, corruption-free new Jammu and Kashmir was emerging to take on the future challenges.

An official spokesman in a statement issued here said that wishing people a very happy Independence Day, the LG said, “India, the mother of democracy, wants peace and welfare of the entire humanity, but we are also ready to defend our freedom, sovereignty, and integrity with full zeal.

A befitting reply is being given to those who are trying to mislead our youth with a nefarious proxy war.

A final blow is being dealt to the terror ecosystem operating at the behest of the neighboring country. We will push the last nail in the coffin of terrorism. Strike, stone pelting, and protests have become things of the past.

I appeal to the 1 crore 30 lakh citizens of J&K to speak with one voice against terrorism and atrocities on the innocent.”


He said that in the Amrit Kaal of independent India, J&K was soaring to a new height.

“A strong, peaceful, and prosperous union territory is witnessing rapid growth over three successive years, which is unprecedented in history. The nightmare of seven long decades is over and a fear-free, corruption-free new Jammu and Kashmir is emerging to take on the future challenges,” LG Sinha said.


He said: “I salute our beloved tricolor and pay tribute to all those freedom fighters and martyrs, who made the supreme sacrifice to protect this land of Pir Vaer. My heart is filled with ever-lasting gratitude toward the brave soldiers of Maa Bharti. Today is a day of sacred remembrance. This land is made of the blood and sweat of countless freedom fighters and martyrs. They kept our flag flying high and paved the way for our development and progress. Conquering the numerous challenges with a spirit of unity, zeal, dedication, and a firm resolve, India is marching ahead to a glorious future with ideas and ideals of our forefathers.”


Crediting Prime Minister Narendra Modi for starting the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ campaign for bringing 130 crore countrymen under one flag, one identity, and one emotion in the 75th year of India's independence, the LG said that this festival was an occasion to take a pledge to make India strong and prosperous.

“Today’s resolve and the energy of the new generation will guide us in building a new India of 2047,” he said. “Today I pay tribute to the brave soldiers of the Army, paramilitary forces, andJ&K Police, who have kept the unity and integrity of India intact with their amazing valour and sacrifice. We have decided that a Gaurav Stambh would be established in Srinagar in memory of the brave soldiers who have sacrificed their lives defending our beloved motherland. I have full faith that the immortal flame of Gaurav Stambh and the museum of our brave hearts would be the centre of inspiration for the new generation. I am proud of the brave hearts of J&K Police who have received 125 gallantry medals on Independence Day. Their sacrifices will always inspire us.”

LG Sinha said that the sacrifices of the brave soldiers were invaluable, but concrete measures were necessary for providing succor to their families for living a dignified life.


“The government has increased the compensation amount for the families of Army personnel of J&K martyred in the line of duty from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 25 lakh. The administration has decided to bear the cost of J&K Police’s martyr wards up to class 12th. Agniveers after military service should get a 10 percent reservation in the recruitments to be conducted by the J&K Police. On the occasion of Independence Day, I also announce the reorganisation of Village Defence Committees. I have full faith that the sons of Mother India will work with the spirit of sacrifice and dedication to protect the honour of the world's largest democracy,” he said.


The LG said: “Last year, on this auspicious day, I had invoked revered Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji’s wisdom for social justice and all round progress with the spirit of Insaniyat, Jamhooriyat, and Kashmiriyat. We have to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of citizens by becoming self-reliant, by displaying unflinching integrity, dedication, and unwavering devotion to the values enshrined in the constitution. After 25 years we should be remembered fondly by our future generations just like we recall the contributions of the great men who laid the foundations of a New India.”


He said that the Panchayati Raj Institutions were working with determination for the development of every individual and safeguarding the interests of all sections of society.

“By assimilating each other's customs and traditions, by mutual understanding and mutual adjustment of all religions and sects, the message of Kashmiriyat is being spread to the whole world. Every section of the population is being made an equal partner in the developmental journey of Jammu and Kashmir. There are limitless possibilities and challenges before us. To achieve the goals of economic equality and social justice, innovative entrepreneurs, intellectuals, educationists, farmers, youth and women shall have to come together. The elixir of freedom is the launching pad for the quantum leap into the glorious future. This is an occasion when we, as citizens of India, have to take a pledge to protect and expand the achievements of 75 years,” LG Sinha said.


He said that this spiritual place had bestowed the world with wisdom and the mantra of composite culture for centuries.

“The mountain peaks here symbolise the devotion of Shankaracharya and the flowing rivers celebrate the devotional songs of Lal Ded. The leaves of Chinar embody the spiritual ecstasy of Nund Rishi and the deodar trees reverberate the melodies of Habba Khatoon,” the LG said. “Abdul Ahad Azad Sahab has written: ‘Chalaan chumm sharr hubaban, izteraban, valvalan ander, Yivan chumm zindagi hund soz safaran manzilan ander’. My wishes are fulfilled in love, in impatience, in passion, I get the essence of life in journeys, in destinations.”

He said that J&K was not just a piece of land but a symbol of the cultural and spiritual heritage of the country.

“Kalhana has written in Rajataringini: ‘Sandhya Devi Jalan Yasmin Dhate Nisalile Giri’. The taste of the water of Sandhya Devi testifies to the existence of virtue and the absence of sin. The goddess appears in the form of a swan in the lake situated on the holy Bhedgiri from the source of the Ganges,” LG Sinha said. “This is the land of Mother Saraswati, the abode of all virtues and the enlightened dream of Chaitanya. From Mount Harmukh to the summits of Vindhyas, from Jhelum to Prayag Sangam, from Bhedagiri to Baba Kedarnath, every breath, every heartbeat carries the fragrance of Hindustan and the aspirations for the supreme glory of the tricolour. There may be thousands and lakhs of obstacles and challenges, but every Indian should unite to fight these challenges and be the architect of the future of India - this is the resolution of Independence Day.”

“‘Ek ankur phoot kar bola ki main haara nahi hun, ek ulka-pind hoon, taara nahi hoon; mrityu par jeevan vijay udhyoush karta, mainamar lalkar hun charaa nahi hun’ (A sapling said that I am not defeated, I am a meteorite, not a star. Life is the victor over death, I am an immortal challenger, not a whimper),” he said reciting a verse to drive home his point.


The LG said that three years ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation for modern and equitable socio-economic development in J&K.

“Under his guidance, J&K has been making remarkable achievements for the holistic development of the region. Despite many odds and challenges, we have been able to complete a whopping 50,726 projects in the last financial year. Over the last three years, the pace of execution of developmental schemes has increased by five times on account of a resurgent institutional framework. Districts are the basis for the implementation of policies and programmes; the district CAPEX budget has been increased four-fold to Rs 22,126 crore for the completion of various developmental projects. Grass root democratic institutions like Panchayats and Urban Local Bodies have been empowered to actively participate in the decision-making process to cater to the needs of common citizens. There are around 20,000 such works and projects under execution presently which have been solely identified by the people,” he said.

LG Sinha said that in the last two years, the government had endeavored to develop areas that had remained neglected till now.

“Dalits, tribals, and socio-economically backward classes have benefited from an equitable governance system, and so have the women of J&K. J&K has achieved new horizons of success in the field of business, economy, education, culture, and sports,” he said.


The LG said that the aspirations of the J&K youth had been synchronised with the aspirations of the country today.

“Their dreams are not confined to personal development but transcend to create a good future for the society, nation, and the entire humanity. The youth of today aspire for an equitable society free from poverty, unemployment, and exploitation. They want a society that challenges and harnesses their creativity. Peace is a pre-condition for the establishment of such a social and economic order and the government has laid the foundation for realising these 21st-century dreams. I want to convey to the youth that India is presently a torch bearer for the conscience and development of the entire world. The youth of the country have proved their mettle in almost every sphere of scientific and technological development around the world. The government has bridged the chasm and opened all forms of communication for all round development. Let us reaffirm our commitment and resolve to build a strong, advanced, and prosperous J&K,” he said.

30,000 GOVT JOBS

LG Sinha said that 30,000 government jobs had been provided to the youth in the last three years with complete transparency.

“Certain complaints were received about the irregularities which are being probed. We will ensure stringent punishment for those found guilty. The administration has also planned a recruitment drive to fill the vacant positions this year. Self-employment opportunities have been provided to 5.2 lakh young boys and girls under various programmes. Under the Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme, J&K has been successful in establishing 21,640 manufacturing and service units in the last financial year, thereby emerging as the best performing region in the country. Under this programme, 1.73 lakh new job opportunities were created, which is the highest among all the states and union territories,” he said.


The LG said that under the Mission Youth, opportunities were being provided to young boys and girls to become entrepreneurs through schemes like Mumkin, Tejaswini, Rise Together, and Parvaaz.

“We have made significant strides towards making urban and rural women financially independent through the Hausla, Saath, Umeed and House Stay programmes. Five lakh rural women have been empowered through Self Help Groups, neutralising the sense of insecurity and despondency. The administration is sensitive to the problems faced by women in government jobs and has decided to establish crèche facilities in all the districts and offices in Srinagar and Jammu,” he said.


LG Sinha said that adequate resources had been made available for the inclusive growth of the region.

“The government spending in the social and economic sector has increased by 43.83 percent and 45.60 percent. Efforts are being made to take the benefits of development to the last person standing in the queue,” he said.

PSGA and Accountability

The LG said that the online services of all departments had been brought under the Public Services Guarantee Act (PSGA) with fixed timelines so that the administration was accountable to the general public by cutting delays in the delivery of public services.

“We have decided to celebrate 5th August every year as the day of Resolution for Freedom from Corruption,” he said.


LG Sinha said that J&K had been ranked at the top among the union territories in e-governance service delivery.

“A total of 209 public services are being provided online and Rapid Assessment System (RAS) has been established to obtain direct feedback from the public about these services. The feedback received so far reveals the approval ratings for most of the services are above 80 percent. Through ‘Aapka Mobile, Hamara Daftar’ initiative, we have lived up to our commitment to make public service delivery faceless and cashless,” he said.


The LG said that the transport infrastructure was a pre-condition for the economic and social transformation of any region.

“In the last two years, road and tunnel infrastructure has been prioritised and Rs 1 lakh crore is being spent to build a robust road network. Last year, J&K set a new record by constructing 6450 km of road length. J&K ranks third in achieving the target of the longest road length in the country. Earlier, 6 km of road length was constructed per day which has increased to 20 km of road length per day. Under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, J&K ranks fourth in the country. In the last two years, a total of 169 bridges have been constructed to strengthen the transport system and in the last financial year, 7610 km of road length has been macadamised which used to be around 2500 km to 3000 km previously. Travel time between Srinagar and Jammu has been reduced from 12 hours to 7 hours,” he said.

Increasing Investment

LG Sinha said that in the 70 years since independence, J&K was able to attract cumulative investment worth Rs 14000 to Rs 15,000 crore whereas investment proposals worth Rs 56000 crore had been received in the past year and a half only.

“Out of this, a groundbreaking ceremony for proposals worth Rs 38,080 crore was held in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji in April this year. J&K has emerged as the top performer in the category of union territories in the ranking of strengthening of the startup ecosystem. To strengthen the ease of doing business ecosystem, 150 e-services of 18 departments have been made available on Single Window Portal which has been integrated with the National Single Window Portal operated by the Centre,” he said.


The LG said that the results of the MoUs signed with reputed foreign investors like Emaar, Lulu, and DP World should soon be visible on the ground.

“A total of 22 proposals worth Rs 4400 crore have been approved for establishing a Medicity which will also increase the number of MBBS seats in J&K by a whopping 1000. The golden period of industrial development of J&K has been ushered in through the new industrial development policy of the Prime Minister,” he said.


LG Sinha said that eight clusters of handicrafts and handlooms were being established to provide a global market for the rich heritage of handicrafts of J&K.

“The Handicraft Department is completing the process of the census of all artisans associated with handicrafts. Central Khadi and Village Industries Board established 5851 units last year through which around 47,000 new job opportunities have been created. The Silk Weaving Factory in Srinagar, which was closed for many years, has been revived. Financial assistance given to handicraft artisans under the Artisan Credit Card has been doubled from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh. At least 26 new units have been established under the Karkhandaar scheme. For securing a place in the global market for valuable handicrafts and enhancing their exports, seven crafts – Carpet, Pashmina, Sozni, Khatamband, Walnut Wood Carving, Papier-mâché, and Kani Shawl have been GI Tagged,” he said.


The LG said that the administration was working diligently to transform the archaic electricity network and systems in J&K.

“Work has already commenced on five major hydropower projects in collaboration with NHPC and in the next three years, we shall be in a position to generate the quantum of electricity cumulatively generated in the last 70 years. In the last two years, the transmission capacity has been enhanced from 8234 MVA to 11,016 MVA and the distribution capacity has been enhanced from 12,745 MVA to 16,574 MVA. At least 95,000 smart meters have been installed in Srinagar and Jammu cities and 6 lakh smart meters shall be installed by March 2023 for quality and reliable power. While the per capita energy consumption for the country as a whole is 1208 units, the same for J&K is significantly higher at 1384 units,” he said.


LG Sinha said that J&K had been ranked in the category of front runners in the Sustainable Development Index (SDI) of NITI Aayog.

“J&K is performing better than the national average on 12 parameters of health. Whereas, the neonatal mortality rate for the country as a whole is 24.9 per 1000 births, the same for J&K has come down to a single digit of 9.8. Similarly, while the infant mortality rate for the country stood at 35.2, the same for J&K is 16.3, the Under-5 Mortality Rate for the country is 41.9, and 18.5 for J&K. Sex ratio at birth for the country as a whole stood at 929 and for J&K, it stands at 976. The national average for institutional births is 88.6 percent while for J&K the same stood at 92.4 percent. The national average of Fully Immunised Children is 83.8 percent while for J&K it is 96.5 percent. The national average Life Expectancy rate is 69.4 years while for J&K the same is 74,” he said.


The LG said that J&K had emerged as a role model in the entire country in COVID vaccination and COVID management.

“In the last financial year alone, 159 projects in the health sector have been completed at Rs 670 crore. In the current financial year, we have set a target of completing 220 health care projects at Rs 1757 crore. Under the Pradhan Mantri Ayushman Bharat Health Scheme, 80 percent of the population of J&K has been covered, and the government is spending Rs 1.7 crore per day on health care of the people,” he said.


LG Sinha said that the average water coverage for J&K was 57.86 percent, which was much higher than the national average of 50.30 percent.

“All schools, Aanganwadi centers, and health care institutions have been provided with tapped water connections and the government is committed to realise the dream of providing water to every household by next year,” he said.


The LG said that the PMDP projects were stalled for a long time due to policy paralysis, but in the last two years alone, 30 out of 53 projects had been completed by eliminating all bottlenecks.

“Out of the remaining 23 projects, 12 projects shall be completed in this financial year. The construction of the world's highest railway bridge on Chenab River is going on in full swing and the dream of connecting Kashmir to Kanyakumari with railways will be realised by next year,” he said.


LG Sinha said that the farmers were the backbone of the economy of J&K.

“In the last two years, the government has taken a multitude of policy decisions for improving their conditions. J&K has been ranked 3rd in the whole country for monthly farm income. J&K ranks 5th in the country in the category of better performing states for reforms in agriculture and allied sectors. More than 2500 hectares of agricultural land have been brought under High-Density Plantation and the global market has been provided for the Kashmiri fruits and vegetables under Parwaz scheme. The Shahpur Kandi project, which was pending for four decades, is finally being executed at Rs 2793 crore. The project will be completed by March next year and irrigate 32,173 hectares of land,” he said.


The LG said that some radical reforms and initiatives had been initiated in the Revenue Department.

“Under the ‘Aapki Zameen Aapki Nigrani’ project, revenue records like Jamabandi, Girdwari, Mutation, and Mousavi have been made digitally available to the people who can access these records without visiting the office of the patwari or tehsildars besides filing applications for rectification. So far, 16 lakh citizens from all 20 districts have availed of this facility,” he said. “Land passbooks are being issued to all landowners in three languages - Urdu, Hindi, and English. Demystification of land records is also being carried out to ensure that people can have access to their records in popular languages. This facility is being provided in the Srinagar and Jammu districts in the first phase of the project. With these land passbooks, land owners have been empowered to use their land as a financial asset for obtaining loans easily from banks and other financial institutions,” he said. “Under the Svamitva Scheme, J&K had become the first union territory in the country to issue ownership cards. Srinagar is the first district in the entire country to achieve 100 percent saturation under this scheme. Since independence, till now only 300 Patwar Khanas were functional in government buildings in J&K. Under a special campaign launched in March this year, 1662 Patwar Khanas were established in government buildings in a month. To ensure transparency and accountability in the revenue administration, the government has prescribed specific timings for patwaris to attend to the public. To prevent any manipulation of revenue records, the process of seeding mobile and Aadhaar numbers with revenue records has been initiated. By bringing 24 services of the Revenue Department under the Public Service Guarantee Act, provision of these services to the public has been ensured in a time-bound manner.”


LG Sinha said that under the Forest Rights Act, the tribal brothers had been vested with rights over water, forest, and land, securing the future of their coming generations.

“The government will complete more hostels for the tribal youth than the cumulative number constructed in the last 44 years. Scholarships are being provided to 1.69 lakh tribal children and the top 100 performing children are being provided coaching for NEET and JEE. Similarly, 100 promising children from the tribal community will be provided coaching for the Civil Services Examinations. Skill training is being imparted to 2000 youth belonging to the tribal community and 800 tribal students studying in hostels have been provided tablets and sports kits. From this year, smart cards are being given to all the migratory population so that they do not face any kind of inconvenience in travel. Forty trucks were provided by the J&K government for the transportation of goods and cattle of migratory families,” he said.


The LG said that the Centre and the J&K government were fully committed to the rehabilitation and welfare of Kashmiri Pandits.

“Sincere efforts are being made at the administrative level and the people should also come forward to achieving this objective. Out of 6000 jobs, appointments have been made on 5502 posts, and recruitment for 458 posts has been initiated which will be completed soon. We have been able to address the demands of employees appointed under the PM Package to a great extent. The construction of 6000 transit accommodations for facilitating their return under PMDP which was very sluggish, has received a new impetus. A total of 1000 units have been completed and 1100 units more will be completed by this year. Further, the government has set a target of completing the remaining 3900 units within one and a half years. All PM Package and minority employees have been deployed in safe places. Jobs and housing, although important, are not the only solutions for their rehabilitation and welfare, so other efforts are also being made. Kashmiri Pandits and other displaced communities facing the brunt of displacement have been given justice by implementing the J&K Displaced Immovable Property Act, enacted in 1997, with effect last year. Till June this year, 8000 complaints have been received, based on which, 2414 kanal of land have been retrieved from illegal occupation by taking action on 6500 complaints, thereby providing justice to these 6500 families after three decades,” he said.


LG Sinha said that all major social welfare schemes - Mission Indradhanush, Old Age Pension, Widow Pension, Disability Pension, Supplementary Nutrition, SC-Pre-Matric Scholarship, SC-Post-Matric Scholarship, Minority Pre-Matric Scholarship, Minority Post-Matric Scholarship, Merit cum Means Minority Scholarship Scheme, Sugar and Food Grain Subsidy, Poshan Abhiyaan, Nutrition Tracker, UJALA, Ujjwala, Saubhagya, PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana, and Kisan Credit Card had been saturated to 100 percent in the last three years.

He said that under the Saubhagya Yojana, 8.57 lakh beneficiaries had been covered by providing electricity connections and under the Ujjwala scheme, 12.41 lakh rural women had been provided LPG connections and it was being ensured that all sections of the society benefit from the developmental efforts.


The LG said that realising the vision of inclusive growth, the Aspirational Block scheme had been launched in 44 blocks.

“J&K is the first union territory or state in the country to do so and also to launch the District Good Governance Index,” he said.


LG Sinha said that a record 12 million tourists who visited J&K this year testify to the overall development and change that had taken place in J&K.

“This is the highest-ever visitor figure the Tourism Department has ever seen. The long-pending demand for night-flight operation of the residents of J&K has been fulfilled. A total of 75 offbeat tourist destinations are being developed in J&K as a part of the ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’ celebrations. J&K had been a favoured shooting destination for Bollywood. A comprehensive film policy was launched last year to attract filmmakers after decades and within a year of the notification of the policy, as many as 140 shooting permissions for films and web series have been issued. Soon, a film studio will be launched with state-of-the-art facilities. This, besides providing new opportunities to the young talent of J&K, will boost the business ecosystem of J&K,” he said.


The LG said that earlier, merely 2 to 3 lakh youth used to get opportunities for participation in sports every year.

“We have set a new record and 17.5 lakh youth were provided the opportunity to participate in sporting activities last year. The government has set itself a target of providing sports opportunities to 35 lakh youth. The FIFA standard renovated and upgraded Bakshi Stadium has been dedicated to the young players and play fields have been established in all panchayats. Women’s teams for Rugby, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Kabaddi, and Hockey have been formed in all 20 districts. To secure the career progression of the talented and meritorious sportspersons, a new sports policy has been notified and the process of their appointment to government services has been initiated for clearing the backlog from 2014 to 2021. A total of 22 indoor multi-purpose halls have been set up in all 20 districts of J&K and 40 state-of-the-art sports grounds have been constructed to host national-level tournaments. A total of 38 Khelo-India Centres have been established in various sports disciplines. Presently, work on 948 sports infrastructure projects is underway which are expected to be completed in this financial year,” he said.


LG Sinha said that the educational system of J&K had been overhauled and aligned as per the recommendations of the National Education Policy, 2020.

“Through the Aao School Chalein campaign, 1.7 lakh students from disadvantaged sections have been brought back to the classrooms. J&K has secured the first position in the loyalty programme of teachers' training. In the National Achievement Survey, J&K has been ranked No 1 in primary education and third in middle school education in the country. To provide quality education to the youth in remote areas of J&K, 25,000 additional seats at the graduate level have been provided by setting up 50 degree colleges. This is the biggest addition to the higher education sector in the last 70 years. The uniform academic calendar has been introduced in all higher educational institutions,” he said.


The LG said that while India celebrates 75 years of its Independence, the world was entering a new phase.

“All citizens, farmers, youth, labourers, women, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, artisans, and public representatives of J&K have to fulfill their obligations about a new resolution for the next 25 years of journey of J&K,” he said. “Today, on this auspicious occasion, I want to call upon the people of J&K that this is a golden opportunity to restore the pride and excellence of J&K. Let us build a self-reliant J&K for the coming generations and realise the dreams of our ancestors. Let us create a society where every citizen is a fellow traveller in the journey of the development of the nation and lives a life full of dignity and honour, bereft of any discrimination. Let us build a social system that benefits every individual. Let us unite against the conspiracies and thwart the malafide intentions which have pushed J&K into darkness for decades,” he said. “We must reiterate, today, our resolve to defend every inch of our territory and convert the challenges into opportunities. The future belongs to the youth. Let us resolve to fully support young men and women in building a bright future for J&K. J&K is on the move. I call upon every section of the society to make their valuable contribution to a happy, peaceful, and prosperous J&K.”


LG Sinha said that it was only on the strength of trust and coexistence that a golden future for J&K could be created.

“Let us take a pledge to make J&K Nasha-Mukt, Bhrashatachar-Mukt, and Rojgaar-Yukt. Let us walk into the bright future of J&K with the lines of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar ji: ‘Aazadi ka yeh taaj bade tap se Bharat ne paaya hai, Mat poocho iske liye desh ne kya kuch nahi ganwaya hai; Hai phoot rahi laalima timir ki toot rahi ghan kaara hai, Jai Ho! Ki swarg se chooth rahi aashish ki jyotidhara hai; Ho jahan satya ki chingari sulage, sulage, woh jwala bane, Khoje apna utkarsh abhay, durdaant shikha vikraal bane; Aage who lakhsya pukaar raha, haankte hawa par yaan chalo, Surdhanu par dharte hue charan, meghon par gaate gaan chalo. (India has found this crown of freedom with great tenacity; Don't ask what the country has not lost for this. Redness is bursting, there is a cracking cube of blackness; Hail that there is a stream of blessings leaving from heaven. Where the spark of truth smolders, it becomes a flame; Find your lofty goals without fear, and the wicked crest becomes formidable. Ahead the target is calling out, fly on the wind; Let the feet be on the sun, sing a song on the clouds. Let's sing a song on the clouds). Jai Hind!” he said.

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