Temporary ban imposed on visit to Drang area
File photo of Drung during winters.File: Mubashir Khan/ GK

Temporary ban imposed on visit to Drang area

Baramulla: A day after two girls drowned in Drang stream of Tangmarg, the Baramulla district administration on Thursday ordered a temporary ban on a visit to the area.

The ban would remain in place till the preventive measures were taken to stop recurrence of such incidents.

“The temporary ban on visit to the Drang area has been initiated to ensure safety measures are taken at vulnerable spots of the stream. The ban is temporary and will be lifted soon once the task is accomplished,” said Sameer Jan, Sub Divisional Magistrate Tangmarg.

He said, “We will be fencing some spots along the Drang stream which are accident prone.”

Two teenage girls drowned while a girl and a boy were rescued when high flow of Drang stream washed them away. The victims were on a visit to the area along with their families.

There had been several incidents of drowning in the Drang stream during the last few years which left several persons dead and injuries to others. All along the streams there are some spots which are extremely dangerous for swimming or for doing some adventurous stuff. The lack of fencing or sign-board depicting ‘unsafe spot’ has also added to the vulnerability of such spots.

Meanwhile, there were allegations of release of water from the Micro Hydel Power Project Drang at the time of mishap which resulted in the sudden increase in the flow of water in the stream and which eventually led to drowning of the two girls.

A police official said that they were investigating that part also in their probe. “We are investigating if the increase in the water flow was due to the release of water from the power project. If it was so, had the power project authorities taken the due measures before releasing the water? It will be looked into,” said a top police official in Tangmarg.

Meanwhile, Sub Divisional Magistrate Tangmarg also acknowledged that there had been a complaint of sudden increase in the water level in the stream which as per complaint was due to the release of water from the power project. “The police will investigate all aspects including the allegation of release of water from the power project,” said Sameer Jan, SDM, Tangmarg.

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