When Kashmir situation finds expression in poetry

 “Jab Haunsala Bana Liya Unchi Udaan Ka, Phir Dekhna Fizool Hai Kad Aasmaan Ka…
“Jab Haunsala Bana Liya Unchi Udaan Ka, Phir Dekhna Fizool Hai Kad Aasmaan Ka…Special arrangement

Jammu: It was a lyrical flow of subtle expressions when the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha and the team of JK News Today chose to go poetic to depict situation in Kashmir- nature’s beautiful free verse set in the picturesque landscape, defiled by enemies of humanity.     

Occasion was the release of “Ehad of Kashmir” – a short docu-drama of JK News Today on Monday at the Convention Centre. LG Sinha released the docu-drama. Woven around the journey of Kashmir from a “Valley of Happiness and Splendour” to the “Vale of tragedies, terror spilling blood” as an outcome of conspiracies of the neighbouring nation and its changing face post 2019, the 15-minute docu-drama had three protagonists - Mahi and two eternal symbols of Kashmir – Dal and Chinar.

Two members of JK News Team Monika Jamwal and Vikram Sharma, who ably conducted the proceedings, set the pace of this lyrical flow and seasoned journalist and Editor JK News Today Binoo Joshi and the Lieutenant Governor joined wholeheartedly.

In her welcome address, Binoo Joshi, while referring to the resolute determination of the Lieutenant Governor to change the face of Kashmir and bring back peace and normalcy there, recited: “Jab Haunsala Bana Liya Unchi Udaan Ka, Phir Dekhna Fizool Hai Kad Aasmaan Ka…”

Giving a brief account of her docu-drama on Kashmir, she wound up imbuing a positive note:  “Zindagi Dasht Ki Surat Hi Sahi Sabr To Kar Ek Din Vaadiye Kashmir Bhi Ho Sakti Hai…”

The Lieutenant Governor, who often displays his deep appreciation for classic poetry, also chose to join the momentum and began at a poetic note: “Jali Hai Aag Mein Jab Jab Bhi Shehr Ki Sadkein; Meray Hi Paon Key Chhalon Nay Kuchh Nami Ki Hai…”

After detailing about Kashmir situation - past and present and his administration’s resolve to restore normalcy and establish peace notwithstanding the nefarious designs of enemies of Kashmir, LG Sinha concluded his address with this couplet:  “Jidhar Ki Simt Meray Doston Ki Bathak Thi, Usi Taraf sey Meray Sehan Mein Pathar Aaye.”

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