G. M. Waiz! An embodiment of virtue

You died away from home, leaving your vast circle of friends in agony

Waiz Saheb, you should have breathed your last at Srinagar (Kashmir), where your vast circle of friends could lament the loss of this precious life, to their heart's desire!

You died away from home, leaving your vast circle of friends in agony.

I got the news of your passing away from the impressive lament that Prof. G.R. Malik wrote on your sad demise, in Greater Kashmir. I wish Prof. Malik also knew how we came to know each other, half a century ago and the episodes covering this long period of togetherness!

I remember vividly how I had participated in the celebrations of your marriage. I also know very well how you fought out shortage of resources, all by your own honest efforts!

I know how you pursued your studies and made a mark. You were the best example of how one can learn and earn a living and be content with what has been achieved.

When you gave a new shape to your abode in Khanyar, Srinagar and simultaneously shaped your brilliant career only to shine in the department you had chosen to serve, no one would easily believe that you would be so successful.

When you grew in service, you established the fact that you would not deviate from the straight path of personal integrity. You did not compromise your principles for your material progress. You were recognized as a person of high acumen and character. And, these traits kept company with you until your last moment!

People say, it is not that easy to remain steadfast on the path of truth and straight-forwardness. But, you proved it to be possible from your own life, that too, with ease and comfort in your mind!

You happened to be a truthful man with no bickering in mind for anything. Whatever the difficulties in your life, you maintained mental aplomb and composure. Your cheerfulness was something classic and it was never conditioned by your material comforts!

I had convinced myself to continuously respect you for a set of values that you held dear to yourself, throughout your life.

It is so tragic that I got no chance to see you during last two years of your life. I wanted, at least, to console you for the unease in your mind about your eyes!

I had imagined that you would return from Saudi Arabia to Srinagar and my resolve was to meet you as soon as your had arrived.

Adieu, dear friend!

There is consolation in my heart and mind that you got buried in Madina and, that too, in the Mazar-e-Baqi!

May God bless your soul and give fortitude to your family to bear this very great loss in their lives!

sab kahāñ kuch lāla o gul meñ numāyāñ ho gayiñ;

khāk meñ kyā sūraten hoñgi jo pinhāñ ho gayiñ!

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