Getting a jab

If people do not add to panic, things can be managed more effectively
Getting a jab
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It was only some weeks back that most of the people dithered over taking a vaccine for coivd. Though the vaccines were made available and the government was encouraging people to go for it, people showed reluctance for the reasons that were not reasons at all. What can explain the people's behaviour is partly complacency, and partly the effect of a wrong perception about vaccines caused by various negative things circulating in social media. Though the government, and the medical fraternity, emphasised on the safety of the vaccine, people still were not as readily listening to that as they should have.

The result of this is that we lost precious weeks when we could have got a vast population inoculated. And then suddenly the monster raised its head in the most menacing way, and the surge in coivd cases shook the entire country.

It was then that people realised the importance of vaccination. Now everyone wanted to get a shot as soon as possible. The near collapse of health system further worsened the matters. The demand for vaccination grew even more strong, as it was thought to be the only solution to break the tide. This was the time when the government announced to expand the net of vaccination by making it available  to the population above the age of 18 years. Earlier the cut of age of 45 years.

All this cumulatively meant that a huge supply of doses was now required, and at the same time it needed man power to get the job done. For  a population as huge as India, it is not an easy ask. If the government is under tremendous pressure to make vaccine available at health centres, it is also time that people behaved in a manner that doesn't add to chaos at the health centres.

It is understandable that making vaccine available for this huge a population is not an over night matter. It will  take some time to accomplish the job. It is time to be little patient, and observe caution all this while. If people do not add to panic, things can run in a more efficient manner. While the authorities need to speed up the matter, and make it is as efficient and as quick as is possible, people should also behave in decent ways.

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