Glorious chapter in history

It is all what Karbala teaches. Remember Karbala to deliver the self from a debt that we owe to Husain (AS).
Glorious chapter in history
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Karbala is not a page in the history of the world…in the history of humanity, but it is a school, it is a voice and it is a lamentation over the silence of the conscienceless dwellers of earth.

The Hero of Karbala stands tall in the gallery of greats. The last Prophet (PBUH) taught him through the words of the Holy Quran that following the path of Allah was their way to the destination and enduring the oppression was worse than the oppression and more sinful.

The great lesson being forgotten or offering themselves for the tyranny, cruelty and oppression had emerged as another way of life. It had begun to eclipse the aforementioned real path of the Lord of the Universe, which He revealed through His magnificent Messenger…who completed the message leaving no iota of insufficiency anywhere. He had sealed it with the order of completeness and infallibility.

Now the greatest message was being thrown to shreds at the profaned throne of Damascus. Yazid had assumed the position of the standard-bearer of Qabeel(cain), Satan(Iblees), Namrood, Pharoah(Firoun)…all the symbols of sin, apostatic way, tyranny and all that antagonises Truth.

The throne of Damascus was a vast support to diabolism. The unrighteous was the decree of the impious throne. The manifesto of the throne saw to it that what the exalted Last Messenger of Allah, Muhammad gave to the world, was nullified by the successor of Iblees, the cruellest Yazid.

He saw a posing menace in the life of Hussain (AS), the most beloved grandson of Muhammad (SAW), to his throne. Though Husain's silence and mute worship of Allah in Madinatul Munawwarah didn't whisper any threat to Yazid. He imagined the formidable posture of Husain's existence as a lethal warrant to his (Yazid's) existence. He felt his throne shaking.

Husain (AS) the replica of Muhammad in character, worship, rectitude, veracity, piety and even the physical features resembling Muhammad's (SAW), frightened Yazid enormously. He wanted Husain's taking an oath of allegiance to the throne of Damascus; which would mean scattering the warp and woof of Muhammad(SAW)'s charter of Divine Law. Husain would not become a sinner of ruining what his grandfather completed while enduring all the catastrophes and calamities having come in his way. So a final and emphatic rejection of Byyat (allegiance) got pronounced by the sacred tongue of Husain (AS).

He had to pay the highest price for it. He was decapitated. Each member of his tiny army of seventy-two lives was decollated. His infant (son) of six months age was beheaded. All the children of his family were torn into pieces.

The Battle is over. All the women-folk comprising Husain's sisters, daughters, nieces etc were taken as prisoners and incarcerated in Damascus (Syria). All the dismembered heads were brought on lances to the wicked king's capital, Damascus.

This forms the essential picture of this unparallel tragedy. Now the oppressed, tortured and tormented souls have a flag to say 'no' to the subjugation of the diabolic might. It is all what Karbala teaches. Remember Karbala to deliver the self from a debt that we owe to Husain (AS).

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