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His Excellency cares to see the C V of those young men in the Valley who have lately joined the ranks of armed militancy a clear picture will be in front of him which may force him to take steps to solve the ‘ real ‘problem.
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In  a rather  unusual  vein,  Governor Satya  Pal  Malik  opened up his mind to the public through the medium of  an interview   telecast  by a Delhi  TV Channel. The interview  is unique in  some  respects.  It  revealed  things   which  may  have  far  and wide   resonance.

Governor raised serious questions on the working  of  PSC, saying a youth was selected even without appearing in the examination.  Malik exposed `scams'  committed during previous PDP/BJP Government. He referred to  the employment in JK Bank  and said  complete selection list of 582 candidates  was set aside  to appoint political workers in their place.  The  public employees' health insurance scheme   was also referred to  prove  how deep the rot of corruption has  gone  in the state  polity. 

He admitted  that some of his Advisers and bureaucrats misled him   to sign the Government Employees Group Insurance  Policy  with Reliance General Insurance. He revealed that complaints reached him  to suggest that whole thing was done in fishy manner and no tenders were invited or placed on the State governments web site.  So, he scrapped the scheme.

Governor has   not divulged the details of corruption  or names  of the persons involved,  but gave enough indications   to  feel in which   direction   the needle of suspicion is pointing. It is no secret that levels of corruption in J&K are  very high, reaching the top    administrators  and the politicians.  While as these allegations of malfeasance, coming as they do from the constitutional head of the State, may be taken on face value  but to nab the culprit  we will have to wait the result of the probe ordered by the Governor.  Knowing how these  kind of probes get buried   under  the heavy weight of politics and the politicians,  Governor Malik should make the probe   time bound   and supervise it personally.   In the meantime the persons allegedly involved  should  be asked to sidestep till probe is complete.

Governor   has castigated Hurriyat for  advocating  cause of   Pakistan   which, in his view,   has disentitled  them from being considered a `stake holder'  in the peace process.    That  Pakistan has a role in    resolution of the  problem – or creating  it –  is admitted by  Malik himself. He told the interviewer that  recent  bout of  violence is the creation of Pakistan, as that country felt peeved on the   peaceful  conduct of the ULB elections.  If Governor  believes it so, it becomes all the more to   necessary  bring  Pakistan   on the board.      It doesn't make any  political sense to negate   Hurriyat's role  just  because they are asking for Pakistan's presence on  the talks  table.

 The PDP   and NC    derive strength from the people.  These  parties, therefore, have a     duty to make life  worth living for them.     If Governor feels that Pakistan is a  'mischief monger ' in the state, it becomes a duty of the political parties  in  Kashmir to  ensure, at least, the county's  mischief potential is neutralized. So one can't find a fault  with them in  demanding  Pakistan's help to relieve Kashmiris of the distress. How  can one, in a democratic set up,  think of foreclosing a  Political party's  right to raise issues   that touch lives of thousands of people.   

There is no wisdom in running   down  Hurriyat or the mainstream political parties. They may have lost the clout – a bit, but   their love among sections of Kashmir society  has not completely evaporated.  People have still   faith in them,  to see semblance of  peace returning to the tormented Valley. It will be  a travesty  if   genuine politics and political parties  are  weakened and demoralized.   Institutional integrity  and   good image  must be ensured.  

Governor Malik  has blamed everybody except the successive governments in Delhi. One day a  PM opens Sky  to the  people  in  the state to see their issues  resolved, other day other PM brings in   Insaniyat, Jamhooroyat   and Kashmiriyat   kaa dairah    to resove the issue, within.  However, the Sky for us   continues to be  dark and gloomy, as the dairah has gone Tang   (Circle squeezed ).  Then we hear of  macular policy .  All comes to the  naught. GoI  will  have to explain such prevarications and account for  the  flip flop policy  adopted  vis a vis J&K.

It is too simplistic to say that Kashmir is  unemployment problem  and that youth in Kashmir  fight  for jobs and games. They  indeed have  importance in the life of young and qualified. Only, if  His Excellency  cares to see  the C V of those young men in the Valley who have  lately  joined the ranks of  armed militancy    a clear picture will be  in front of him which may force him to take  steps to solve  the ' real  'problem.

Governor Satya Pal Malik has spoken  – probably too much.  Now let  his   promised action  do the talking.

(The author is  Former Principal   District   and Sessions Judge) 

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