'Cut calories to live long'

'Cut calories to live long'
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New York: Want to live longer? Restrict your intake of calories and eat food at the right time to live a longer and healthier life, finds a study.

The study led by researchers at the Hughes Medical Institute in the US suggests that the body's daily rhythms play a big part in this longevity effect.

Eating only during their most active time of day substantially extended the lifespan of mice on a reduced-calorie diet, said Joseph Takahashi, an investigator at the Institute.

In the study, reported in the journal Science, the team examined hundreds of mice over four years and found that a reduced-calorie diet alone extended the animals' lives by 10 per cent. And feeding mice only at nighttime, when mice are most active, extended their life by 35 per cent.

That combo - a reduced-calorie diet plus a nighttime eating schedule - tacked on an extra nine months to the animals' typical two-year median lifespan.

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