Expired injections being used in Bandipora Hospital : Father of ailing kid

Authorities deny allegations, say conspiracy to defame staff
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Bandipora: Father of an eight year old ailing kid alleged that expired injections are being provided at the pharmacy of District Hospital Bandipora and those are administered to patients.

He said the nurses in the hospital were about to administer an expired injection to his kid but did not do so as they noticed the expiry date . However, the hospital administration has denied the allegation.

Suhail Ahmad from Ajas village and the father of the kid told media persons that his son was vomiting continuously since the morning with body and stomach ache, apart from feeling dizzy.

"We came to the emergency where Dr Aijaz prescribed injection for my son," Suhail said, with an OPD card for the emergency section in his hand.

Instead of giving the prescribed injection which is Ondestrone, they were handed over an alternative at the hospital pharmacy, Suhail said.

Back at the casualty ward, Suhail alleged that the nurses loaded the injection in the syringe and were about to administer it to the patient when they noticed the expiry date on the vial.

"I went back to the store and asked them about the issue, they said that such things are common and every lot or a case has one such vial," Suhail said.

Frustrated with the response, Suhail said they requested Deputy Commissioner Bandipora to investigate the issue.

Meanwhile, the hospital authorities denied all the allegations and stated that the person was trying to defame the hospital staff due to some previous rivalry.

"There is no lot with the matching batch number available in the hospital store as we have checked it," Dr Mushtaq, the medical superintendent of district hospital Bandipora said, denying all the allegations.

Another administrative official said that there was a conspiracy as one of the relatives who was alleging the use of expired injections was transferred from the DH after many years despite much resistance. "Today they racked up the issue after proper planning," the authorities said in their defence.

The MS, however, said, "the hospital was short of the Ondastrone drug and they were giving the substitute called Metoclopramide to the patients.”The MS told the Greater Kashmir, "the expired vial has been brought from the outside as there was no such expired lot in the hospital store," adding, "it is a well-planned conspiracy."

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