Infertility, and the stress thereof

The joy of becoming parents for couples suffering from infertility problems is above everything in this world
Infertility, and the stress thereof
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There is no greater feeling than that of being a parent. This is what most parents say when you ask them how they feel about being parents, and we fully agree with them. Because the joy of bringing life into this world is completely overwhelming. The joy of becoming parents, for couples suffering from infertility problems, is above everything in this world. For us (me and my wife) to undergo this experience was a very long journey on a tough road, full of pain, stress, worry, and tensions.

After we got married in Sept 2013, my wife was suffering from some infertility problem so we couldn't conceive naturally. It is after the 10th month of our marriage the most difficult phase of our life started when people in our neighborhood, friends and relatives stared, asking queries, especially womenfolk; as it is common in our culture people start asking "Kehn Chusa", meaning if they have conceived. You hear this talk just after only a few months of marriage. The infertile couples like us face so many problems, a mental  harassment. Same is the case with us. We got treatment from leading gynaecologists and infertility specialists of the valley, who prescribed every kind of test, scan, hormone therapy, laparoscopy, HSG, and loads of medicines. One day we used to visit clinic and the next day to some peer baba. On the one hand doctors looted us in lacks, on the other hand peer babas in thousands. This took a heavy toll on our bodies. It consumed us physically, mentally and psychologically. We lost our precious assets, health deteriorated, money wasted, and our valuable time consumed in it. But all in vain.

God is great. We never lost hope and our prayers were accepted. When, on one day I came across an advertisement in a newspaper about Dr. Manika Khanna from Delhi, a leading IVF Specialist. We visited for appointment to Karan Nagar, Srinagar, and after consultations we decided to accept her advice to visit Delhi for IVF Treatment. That visit changed our life for good. In our first attempt we conceived (Gaudium IVF Hospital Delhi). Manika Madam came like an angel in our life. She and her dedicated team including names like Dr. Meetu, Dr. Nikita, staff nurses like Minni sister etc. work very hard to bring happiness in childless families. I am thankful to almighty Allah who sent an angel in the form of Manika madam and her team Gaudium, for providing us life changing experience. At the same time I am thankful to dear Ishfaq Shaheen who belongs to Srinagar branch of Gaudium who guided me and all such couples like us throughout this successful journey.

At last I would like to advice all such couples, don't waste your hard earned money and your precious time.  Consult some authentic specialist, and then leave it to God.

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