Institutionalizing Differences

About war, it is beautifully said that it does not just happen but we bring it about and maintain it as a cultural or political institution.
Institutionalizing Differences

The detractors of civilization asserted that man's move towards a civilized life causes a war, because civilization taints human nature and brings out worst of human vices and war mongering. In order to avoid wrong turn to dead end, 'Ideal Institutions', germinating unity in diversity, are reckoned responsible drivers to ensure survival and security. The very essence of every institution (Instinct-Tutoring-Ion) is to educate our instincts, thoughts and actions. They have a promising instinctual ability to neutralize the challenges that threaten society's poised work culture. These institutions are primarily charging states with laws, trust, good governance, etc to discover the good, to establish the good and to enforce the good. Therefore, institutions run states and educate them to be efficient, productive and to be under the thumb of rational view for seeking righteousness for the societies. 

Institutions not only shape ethics of the governance but they also built ideas, perceptions, about governed. Scholars like Wiseman and Baker believe that society is made up of institutionalized culture that creates and spreads commonly held models of the individual and society. Jean Jacques Rousseau held that individual behaviors, political decisions are products of the institutions. Even Aristotle and Plato felt institutions as mother of politics. Institutions provide society wisdom to constitute the 'Social good'. Nevertheless, what is always important is to see what kind of 'Fallen Knowledge' we consume to constitutes our (good). If our good is composed of our bad, then surely there can be haunting horror and if institutions are run by accountability, honesty, rule of law, rational argument, etc then we can save many Socrates from taking hemlock.

Contaminating institution means to perpetuate division of creed, fabrication, creating hostile camps and imparting people to think as partisans and not as citizens. As is proved in the history that Institutional flaws like 'Divide and Rule' 'Minto-Morley Reform Act of 1909', etc successfully furthered communal antipathies (Hindu-Muslim polarization). Following WW-II, flawed institutional ability to impact political decisions was not overlooked again. Institutions were tempted by concession, appeasement, explained by self aggrandized pressures, constraints and more so treated hatchery vessels to create, 'Propaganda' projecting half hearted or misleading truth of the democracy. 

Creating democracy by popular participation is not substantial but maintaining it through institutions is more important. Ben Franklin after attending 'Constitutional Convention of 1787' in 'Philadelphia Independence Hall' found a woman, who first spoke to him, asked, "Well, Doctor what have we got, a Republic or a Monarchy. And Franklin reply was, "A Republic', if you can keep it". Franklin knew the importance of institutions. 

In democracy working without institutions is not trouble-free, for they are powerful binding rules restricting an individual's wild appetite for power, making bias or arrogance to pay. Democracies are viable substitutes to contain insurgencies, civil wars, communalism, govt. oppression, etc. Alas., however, today democracy is caught in dilemma and has encompassed everything from govt. repression to inter-communal violence to oppose any dissent, the prime substance of democracy.     

New institutionalism brought up new but seditious incarnations; institutionalized strategic behaviors. A 'New Normal' the 'Wary Way' has arisen to sever societies through a 'Popular Culture"-enjoyed widely by all (folks). In this 'Popular Culture" there is travesty of justice, maddened rhetoric, and the inviolability of peace has turned senseless in nearly all political forums. States in their shift and for want of better survival produced superfluous institutions with worst form of what Durkheim calls "Anomie" (Electing people not on Merit). Infecting institutions has become more ruthless and there is severe bug in democratic software turning whole world to a turf of pirates and emperors where both are molesting the world and both are brusquely adding up 'continued uncertainties'. 

Leaders lie was reckoned once a sacred tool and part of the art of leadership. Noble lie of Plato is dying with the issues like the one pleaded in Cold War by John F Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev on 'Missile Trade'. Kennedy's missile fib was right decision because it averted the possible nuclear war between USA and USSR. However, in modern day democracies, "Strategic Lies and Selfish Lies" are institutionalized more and more. In these spinning fibs there are well woven hundred excuses to wage war but none to prevent it. 

 The very principle of, "there is nothing sacred, neither fellowship nor faith, when kingship is at stake" is proven in the Syrian War, because the leaders deceive to survive another day to massacre its own people. The strategic lies told either by Tony Blair or by George Bush turned into blunders and reminded one of a democracy in which there is concealment, spinning or misleading truth. The tactical emphases with exaggeration or distortions are inventively woven to appeal a false conclusion to be used to one's own advantage. It reminds one of Saint Augustine: "God is not parent of evils. Similarly Terrorism alone is not parent to all evils; rather it is 'Irrational State Craft' with "Strategic Lies and Selfish Lies" that promotes weird war and xenophobia.  

The institutional blemish even on the floor of U.N.O is incessantly increasing and is filled with 'Pseudo Justified Wars' with 'Unjustified Excuses'. To our worries, state justification on a lie detector is showing clearly that these are free from the presumption of 'Just War. State are fighting an imposed war, unjustly-not strictly in accordance of the rules. The states are marshaling their men like 'Unjust Combatants' to kill 'Non-Combatants' or 'illegitimate targets'. A 'Stray Bullet' is less stray and more-straight on the ground, here-there-everywhere. A single man's no status as 'Archon' could possibly save millions of lives particularly children. A tolerance to intolerance is accepted noble eligibility to rule and satisfy "Nations Collective Consciousness". They are democratically sending millions to gallows in a "Stalinian Culture" and yet they cunningly desire another day to lynch people, built Mexico Wall, to help illegal occupation, etc on caste, color and religion bases.

Russia's Assad backing and US pro-rebel tactic is all precarious to sail us safe. Dissent is not met with discussion and in the name of cultivable peace states exercise in relentless oppression. Illegal concessions and immunities are generously showered on the combatants for killing innocents and are celebrated even on 'Republic Days'. A trooper killing an innocent, in Palestine or Kashmir, in cold blooded murder gets heroic welcome, an elevation in official hierarchy and a justice seeker loses eye sight either by assault or by delay in justice. Like two World Wars the modern day war lost its civility and state is all urgently engaged to make no distinction between combatant and non combatants.

It is highly plausible that weak institutions can create strong dictators, committed anarchists, etc. A new curse i-e, "Justice is the interest of the stronger" (Thrasymachusian rule) is bracingly tamed. It is very unbecoming to see an American President sumptuously praising a dictatorship over democracy. To praise publically Kim, Putin or Saddam was true enough to invite oneself trouble, because institutional justice was once found in a rhetoric or popular consent considering these an 'Axis of Evil'. 

With the dawn of Trump 'Demagogue Appealing' is picking up pace. The malice is recurrent as there are no democrats but the 'the crude and undisciplined 'Demagogues' who seek support by appealing prejudices and popular desires. They win elections and in the end they are skilled to betray people. What has turned democratic institutions crooked in the so called leading democracies is that they shun their phrase of 'rule of law' prevail again with many 'Munich Agreements 1936' with illegal concession, appeasement on offer to aggressors; gagging sane voices. They made constitutionally backed institutions subservient to individual or party aspirations and escaped from the binding rules, if any, of the institutions by intrigue or by corrupt means. American president Donald Trump did two things to achieve his presidential candidacy, first, he won Republican Primaries to his side and second, after wining them he united the Republican Party behind him. He was hailed as narcissist, a pathological liar, a speck of dirt-yet more qualified to be a president. Perhaps Donald Trump is no one's president except his own ideas, his own institutions that propagate him as a 'Demagogue' not democrat. 

Demagoguery is globally followed religion with many prophets-all appealing extreme demagoguism. Indulging in 'nationalist myth making, portraying themselves as good guys and others bad, provoking fear mongering, threat inflation, etc to poison the democratic institutions, is turning superlative art for making a decision without people in mind. All these tall leaders truly fit to the phrase of James Madison who said, "Men of factious tempers, of local prejudices, or of sinister designs, may, by intrigue, by corruption or by other means first obtain the suffrages and then betray the interests of the people." 

There is no Darious to advice his children, "if you want to live in peace in your country, keep an eye on your people" (means taking care of people)'. Do people or citizens matter to the contemporary states? I think no-because sadly we, according to Socrates, have elected more "Sweet Shop Owners (un-professional politicians) than Doctors (professional politicians)" who in their theaters plead for demagoguery. The contemporary politics has turned unsavory as for good governance it has adopted bad-tempered Institutions which are deriving pain from Peace and pleasure from War. About war, it is beautifully said that it does not just happen but we bring it about and maintain it as a cultural or political institution.

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