3 new micro-containment zones declared in Jammu

Delta variant cases on rise
3 new micro-containment zones declared in Jammu
A Policeman stands guard during COVID-19 lockdown in Jammu. File: Photo/Mir Imran

Jammu: The civil administration in Jammu declared three more micro-containment zones in the district with the detection of 10 COVID-19 positive patients with mild symptoms.

In three orders, the Deputy Magistrate, Jammu district, Anshul Garg declared Sector No 4, Channi Himmat, Ghulab Colony near Sultana Masjid, Bathindi, and Sector 2, Vinayak Nagar, Muthi as micro-containment zones.

So far, nine micro-containment zones have come up in the Jammu district within the last two weeks following the increase in COVID-19 positive cases.

“There is sufficient ground for proceeding under Section 144 of CrPC for immediate prevention or speedy remedy is desirable to prevent danger to human life, health, and safety,” reads the order of the DM Jammu.

An official in the Department of Health said that four COVID-19 positive cases surfaced from Gulab Colony in Bathindi following which it was declared a micro-containment zone.

“The patients have mild symptoms like fever and cough but all of them are vaccinated and stable,” the official said. “Most of the cases are delta variant with mild symptoms.”

Similarly, three COVID-19 positive patients each have been detected from Sector No 4, Channi Himmat, and Sector 2, Vinayak Nagar, Muthi.

Today, the official said that they had recorded 19 COVID-19 positive cases including four patients, four contacts, three random sample cases, and a local traveller.

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