Chehlum procession taken out at Chanderkot

Ramban: The Chehlum (40th day) or Arbaeen procession was taken out in Kuner Chanderkote town of Ramban in which hundreds of Muslims participated on Thursday.

The procession, organised under the banner of Anjuman- e -Imamia, saw the participation of devout individuals.

Before taking out the procession Movlana Sayed Samar Kazmi delivered a sermon and threw light on the life of Hazrat Imam Hussein (AS) who sacrificed his life along with 72 companions including family members at Karbala.

He stressed the importance of following the moral and ethical values exemplified by Imam Hussain (AS), who stood steadfast against oppression and tyranny. He highlighted that the legacy of Imam Hussain (AS) serves as a timeless beacon of inspiration for all Muslims, transcending boundaries and cultures.

This annual event is a poignant remembrance of the sacrifice made by Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions in the Battle of Karbala.

Molana Samar Kazmi eloquently expounded upon the profound principles of Islam, emphasisng love, compassion, justice, and unity as the cornerstones of the faith.

His address served as a call to action for the community to internalize the teachings and apply them to their lives, fostering unity and harmony among all.

Molana Samar Kazmi’s heartfelt speech encapsulated the essence of the 40th day of Muharram procession, which is not only a time for mourning but also an occasion for spiritual reflection, communal unity, and the renewal of commitment to the principles upheld by Imam Hussain (AS).

Keeping in view the movement and location of the Chehlum procession, restrictions were made on the old alignment of the Jammu Srinagar National Highway by the police.During the time of the procession, mourners were beating their chests, reciting Nawa and Marcia in the procession.

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