Dwivedi tweets ‘3 idiots’ dialogue; raises brows

Dwivedi tweets ‘3 idiots’ dialogue; raises brows
Three Idiots movie cover photo. [Image for representational purpose only]File/ GK

Jammu: “Love this dialogue from the Movie “3 idiots”...

Aap Apni Naukri Rakh Lijiye...Main Apna Attitude Rakh Leta Hoon..”

Flashing on the microblogging site Twitter, this could have been treated as an ordinary tweet.

However, it cannot be treated with same disdain, if it comes from a bureaucrat, holding the charge of nerve-centre of administration of a high-profiled UT of J&K.

As this quirky dialogue from a Bollywood blockbuster with the related scene was tweeted by the GAD Commissioner Secretary M K Dwivedi Thursday evening on his personal Twitter handle, this obviously caught the attention of many.

Coming from Dwivedi, who prefers to remain low-profile unlike many of his high-profiled colleagues, even a single line will have a reference to some context.

Is he hinting at something with a context to some usual bureaucratic tussle? So instead of indulging in speculations, Greater Kashmir spoke to Dwivedi himself to set the record straight.

“No..no.. there’s no such context. You should realise that every bureaucrat has a personal life and personal thoughts. Everything tweeted or said has nothing to do with the profession all the time. It’s a chance that I was watching this movie and I like this. I’ve just used my personal space to air what I was feeling at the spur of moment,” Dwivedi says.

“You can see my handle, it has been clearly mentioned that these tweets are in personal capacity. But if it was viewed with a suspicion and created impression that it was a hint towards some problem in my professional life, I would be more careful in posting any content,” he chuckles.

“See there’s nothing of that sort. I had not imagined that it would be linked to my professional life. I just thought that most of my tweets are serious so let’s have a lighter take on the life. That’s all. Let me tell you everything is going very well in the government and the things are running very smoothly. No professional hassles are there,” Dwivedi responds to a query pertaining to reports that he was interested to go on deputation outside the UT given his discomfiture in the changed administrative set-up.

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