Entrepreneur By Compulsion| Lack of avenues force Electrical Engineer to become entrepreneur in Kishtwar

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Jammu: Acting upon his dream to make a name in engineering field, Mashood Ahmad Gagroo, an electrical engineer by profession, during his career served abroad for five years and headed a team of engineers in East African Countries and then in prestigious hydro electricBaglihar Dam at Ramban District and various other reputed companies for years.

Gagroo belongs to the mountainous district of Kishtwar. He was dreaming to become a prominent engineer who would be serving in a top-ranking international company. However, the destination had something else in store for him.

After 23 years working as an electric engineer, his life came full circle as he started a fabrication and welding business in Kishtwar.

“My dream shattered when options of jobs faded away and interviews in many reputed companies yielded no result. Therefore, I returned back home with a broken heart, over a year back,” Gagroo, whose colleagues he claims did engineering degree courses after spending lakhs.

Holding engineering degrees from reputed professional institutions, he says some of his friends were looking for jobs.

“They paid lakhs as fee and completed their studies. You will be shocked to know that these highly qualified engineers and professionals in engineering were looking for jobs having Rs 40,000 as salary per month,” he says and adds that his dream of working as an electrical engineer with a world class company has faded away.

Grounded by the circumstances and poor chances of re-employment in any of the companies, he says he preferred to open a small fabrication and welding shop in Kishtwar town.

He says that the business was accidental with no planning. “However, I have started independent work. I have employed two people on a monthly salary. I am hopeful the business will grow with the passage of time,” says Gagroo.

“If you are offered a job to operate a water turbine, will you be able to do that work. I think no. You may not be able to do it. Same happened to me and I am negotiating with the circumstances and running my business with compulsion and learning new traits in fabrication and welding,” he says.

If a doctor loses his job, and he is not able to find a new one, will he be able to do work in place of an engineer, he further cites an example. “A doctor cannot do work like an engineer. I am doing a small business for livelihood,” he adds.

He advises that if one has to start some independent work, he/she should know the basics and then, they will be able to generate employment and earn good as a businessman in any field.

During his career as electrical engineer, he says, he served in Baglihar Dam for nine years from 2005 to 2009 and then, from 2014 to 2019. In between, he claims he also worked in different companies in Delhi, West Bengal, and outside the country in East African Countries.

With the passage of time, he says, the employment opportunities reduced and the circumstances compelled him to begin a new life from his home town Kishtwar.

It is better to become self-sufficient than remaining unemployed and dependent upon the family, he says.

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