Jammu city inhabitants decry contaminated water supply

Jammu city inhabitants decry contaminated water supply
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Jammu: People in old Jammu city’s residential localities like Mast Garh, Peer Mitha, Jain Bazaar, Upper Mast Garh, Pakki Dhakki, Link Road, and other areas have complained about contaminated drinking water supply.

According to a prominent social activist, Raman Sharma, old Jammu city is facing multiple internal issues which require immediate attention but their grievances are not being redressed.

“Smart City project should focus on addressing issues like clean drinking water, stray cattle, dogs, and rat menace,” he said.

Talking about the issues being faced by the people in the old city, Sharma said that contaminated drinking water was being supplied through rusted 40 to 50-year-old supply lines.

“These main supply lines are very old and need to be replaced to provide safe and clean drinking water in the city. However, the Jal Shakti Department is not paying heed despite the demand being raised as many times,” he said.

Sharma said that as a result of this every household needs to have a water purifier.

“We have installed three purifiers in one house for different uses. We don’t use tap water directly as it is not good for our health. The drain water gets into the tap water as the main supply line is damaged at many places,” he said. “We cannot even call water tankers for supplies due to narrow lanes in the old city. Hence, everyone is dependent on unclean tap water. Without the ROs, we avoid using it directly.”

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