Kashmir Issue and Relevance of UNO

Thus began the modern epoch, almost hundred years ago.
Kashmir Issue and Relevance of UNO
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Thus began the modern epoch, almost hundred years ago. The valiant upsurge which characterized the so-called civilized era in 20thcentury in the shape of World War I and II, and unsatiated thirst for the world gains even at the cost of human lives is still looming large over the mankind. It was death and destruction, psychological and emotional disintegration and the shaky human psyche which the World War I and II brought in its trail that led the sensitive minds and the magnanimous souls of the first half of 20thcentury to strive for the formation of a platform which could mediate the conflicts in the world and could avert potent threats to human civilization.

Noble people such as Albeit Einstein, Bertrand Russell and other pacifists who were the main proponents of the idea of such a platform were geniuses in their respective fields. They had seen the horrible consequences of the First World War and they could visualize the annihilation of life in to-to on earth as well as resultant disturbance in the whole cosmos, if any such war broke out in future, where in those lethal weapons would be used which have been proliferated in the modern world. The outcome of their revered efforts was the 'League of Nations', a loose international organization with an unspecific agenda of supervising the international affairs. However, their organization soon became a part of the past as it could not keep its ideals. Those international powers that had gained momentum after the Great War wanted this organization to comply with their orders. Resultantly, one more leaf of the history was turned, causing irreparable damage to humanity in the shape of the tragic demise of 'League of Nations'. However, the vacuum was soon filled with an international body representing Trans-Atlantic countries, cutting across ideological, religious, cultural and geographical moorings. However, credentials of the UNO have been doubtful since its inception. It is more hierarchical in structure as only five countries have permanent membership and veto power. This has not changed even after 70 years. 

Despite being a global organization with nearly 200 member countries, the organization has miserably failed on all fronts. It witnessed the illegitimate expansion of illegal state Israel, its unjustified occupation of its neighbouring Arab countries. The gruesome killings of millions of people in Vietnam war; the division of two hostile blocks; shameful subjugation of Palestinians; brutal genocide in Chechnya and Kosovo, Gujarat, Kashmir, civil wars in African countries and naked aggression of America on Afghanistan, Iraq, and threats of invasion into Iran. Of late, America's jingoistic policy vis-à-vis other countries and its naked aggression against Syria and gross human rights violation across globe including Kashmir has put a big question mark on the relevance and utility of UNO in the modern world.

Given the long standing Kashmir dispute and the latest uprising in which over 80 civilians (and counting) including children, women, lost their lives and more than ten thousand injured since early July, it was expected that the UN Secretary-General Mr Ban Ki Moon in his inaugural address at the 71st UN General Assembly will give his remarks over the Kashmir problem and push both India and Pakistan to resolve the problem permanently as per the wishes of Kashmiris. However, the UN Secretary-General completely sidelined the issue and didn't even mention it once while highlighting the issues on UN agenda. Lest we forget, Kashmir is one of the first issues referred to it in early 1948. Since then UNSC has already passed at least 16 resolutions over the issue. There is world consensus that Kashmir problem is bone of contention between India and Pakistan and seen as a nuclear flashpoint. But, absence of 'K' word in Ban's speech reaffirmed the fact that UNO is a dysfunctional organisation without any desire to fulfil its core principles on which the organization came into existence – maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, cooperate in solving international economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems and in promoting respect for human rights and to be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in attaining these common ends. 

Given the abysmal record of the UNO, with its present shape and its tilt towards US and some other major powers, it can't be expected to play any role for the establishment of that just world order. And neither there should be any expectation from the people of Kashmir that the international organisation will push for a permanent resolution of Kashmir issue. 

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