KASHMIR: Next IT hub of India

Kashmir  has always been famous for its history, culture, language, tradition and most importantly, in my opinion, cuisine. Kashmir can be  among the global centres of IT in the world with the evolution of IT Hub. The area can be  primarily created for the promotion of IT Infrastructure in the city with several IT zones. The development of technological infrastructure  in the cities can be used.  The top international IT firms like Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, Oracle, Yahoo, HP, Amazon can make their infrastructure in Kashmir.  A thriving local culture and some of the most magnificent views in all of India — Jammu and Kashmir has rightfully earned the sobriquet of “paradise on earth.” For years, the erstwhile state and now union territory has served not only as a tourist destination but as a perfect shooting location for Indian filmmakers. Whether it’s Kashmir ki KaliSilsilaRojaDil Se or 3 Idiots, J&K has attracted creative minds for decades, and this also includes entrepreneurs and startup founders

Govt. Initiatives:

The centre and states are playing a crucial role in making Kashmir the next IT hub by providing necessary means, methods, and support for evolution of IT industry. Industries and commerce department under the leadership of Narendra Modi govt. is coming up with two IT parks in Jammu and Kashmir for which land has been already identified; where people can walk in with an idea and walk out with a product or a solution promoting entrepreneurship in the state, linking, educating and promoting all entrepreneurship-related stakeholders.  The projects is expected to give a boost to employment opportunities in Jammu and Kashmir, both to local as well as youth from other parts of country,  which will be a great change maker tool in the Kashmir used by the government of India  for the betterment of Kashmir  valley and reaching out to the goal of  NAYA KASHMIR  .

Industry Ready Workforce : The growing number of top education institutes in the Kashmir valley  with most diversified talent pool across different verticals and also ensuring that every talent is well versed with advancement in new technologies and innovation in all verticals. With around 24 engineering college in J&K, and the same number across the state with the new talent is available for next level of growth. J&K can  also attract a large number of experienced professionals from different parts of India.  Youth of Kashmir has wonderful  potential;  we have seen they can do wonders in any field.  Keeping this in mind Narendra Modi led government  is having a  great plan for the people of Kashmir.

Infrastructure :

Kashmir has significantly lower real estate costs. Govt of India  can develop excellent infrastructure as compared to other big cities  such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi NCR. The firms can leverage the strong infrastructure that exists in Jammu and Kashmir  in a cost-effective manner. The infrastructure development is being focused on all important areas including roads, flyovers and cityscape, 24/7 electricity and improving water supply. Another infrastructure development under execution is Kashmir to Jammu rail project that will run across the union territory. It will get union territory  well-connected to all major parts in the Srinagar and Jammu with a well-defined network of roads.

Investments :

Widespread investments from both government and foreign investors can help eStart-ups to grow and stay in this competitive market. The city also adds value to IT hub with business tourism

What lies in future for Kashmir ?

Global e-commerce firms can  choose Kashmir  as the home for their large warehouses capable of storing  millions of products commodities. Government can play major role in this by inviting big firms like Amazon, Tata , Reliance group by  setting up there warehouses or other things in Kashmir. Gradually it will be a game changer project in Kashmir valley  and we can lead to reach out to our goals, and development of region will lift up automatically.

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