Kotasatri villagers demand footbridge

The villagers of Kotasatri in north Kashmir's Bandipora district have demanded a new footbridge over the Arin rivulet to connect them with the rest of the district. The villagers complained that they were fed up with using a temporary wooden bridge that could collapse and prove dangerous at any time as it had been in very bad shape for years.

Abdul Rashid, a villager said the old and dilapidated bridge was the only link to connect the villagers to neighboring habitations and needed immediate upgradation to ease the hardships of the locals.

“The non-availability of a vital footbridge is causing immense hardships to the inhabitants, living on both sides of the rivulet," the locals said.

Villagers said they, especially students and children, have to either take a 3 km long alternative route or cross over the rivulet to reach their respective destinations at times when water levels are high.

The villagers appealed to Deputy Commissioner Bandipora to personally intervene in the matter and fulfill this long pending demand.

Gunddachina-Aragam road lies in shambles

Residents of a dozen north Kashmir villages are facing hardships due to the poor condition of the Gunddachina-Aragam road. The locals said the road leads to many far-flung areas of Bandipora.

The 3-kilometer road, locals said, is dotted with potholes and has not been repaired for a decade.

Locals blamed the R&B department for paying deaf ear to the repeated pleas.

“The road was macadamized a decade ago, and now it has potholes, and ditches which irks commuters, including transporters, from running on it. Nobody is paying any attention to it, and the road is in shambles,” the locals said. Locals urged authorities to look into the matter and macadamize the road at the earliest.

Lack of garbage collection at Nadihal village irks locals

The Rural Development Department (RDD) has failed to collect garbage from Nadihal village in north Kashmir's Bandipora district, locals said. The village, which has three Halqas, sits on the outskirts of Bandipora town and is also in close proximity of Wular Lake.

Locals said due to lack of garbage collection, the waste lands in the rivulets ultimately leading to Wular Lake. The villagers said even though they were provided with waste disposal bins, the collection is not being done.

Even the manpower for garbage collection hasn't been hired for contract affecting the villagers. The villagers said that they want to keep the important village eco-friendly and clean and want the administration to step in to resolve the issue.

Kaloosa villagers suffer for want of basic facilities

The Kaloosa villagers in north Kashmir's Bandipora district, a part of the main town, are suffering for want of basic amenities.

Blaming municipal council Bandipora for ignoring the village, the locals said, Eid Gah and prayer ground was in dilapidated condition.

Furthermore, the villagers said they would plunge in pitch darkness during night due to lack of street lights.

"The important junctions have been ignored, there are no streetlights, the lanes are in shambles due to lack of tile paths and macadamisation."

They said the most affected areas of the village are Pathan Mohalla, Gundbal and Akhoon Mohalla.

The locals said even though the council has provided vehicle for garbage collection which is paid monthly, they alleged the ground sanitation staff never visits ward 11 which has created chaos.

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