Dog menace in Rajouri

Dog menace in Rajouri
Mandir Bagh in the heart of city centre Lal Chowk is seen infested by stray dogs, Tuesday 21 Sept 2021. [Image for representational purpose only]File/ GK

Rajouri: The growing population of stray dogs in Rajouri is making the roads of Rajouri town inaccessible during nights as the canines often attack pedestrians and run after the vehicles, at times causing accidents.

The people in Rajouri town cannot venture on the roads during the night unless they move in groups.

Sunit K Sharma, a resident of Jawahar Nagar locality of the town said that moving on roads of the town was no less than passing through a dense forest.

He said one never knows when a stray dog could attack.

“We either move in a group or carry a stick with us to avert these attacks,” Sharma said.

Umer Malik, a local, said that these stray dogs were attacking people who move alone.

“The roads of the town are becoming inaccessible during nights. The authorities should do something to end this menace,” he said.

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