Focus on enrollment, learning outcomes, dropout rate: GoI to Education Department

‘J&K never achieved 100% transition rate in schools’
Focus on enrollment, learning outcomes, dropout rate: GoI to Education Department
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Srinagar: The Department of School Education and Literacy (DSEL), Government of India has asked the J&K school education department to lay focus on improvement in learning outcome of students besides controlling dropout rate of the students in government schools.

The DSEL has also stated that there was a need to examine the PGI score of the Education department in each domain and take measures to improve its overall PGI.

“There is a need to lay more focus on improvement of net enrolment at secondary level at both the levels - lower secondary as well as upper secondary education.

“The challenges remain in reducing regional disparities and inequalities among the secondary school age students from different socioeconomic backgrounds,” read the minutes of the meeting released by DSEL.

The meeting of Project Approval Board (PAB) for considering the Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWP&B), 2021-22 under SamagraShiksha for J&K was held on April 20.

The meeting was chaired by the Secretary School Education and Literacy (SE&L).

“J&K was requested to analyse learning outcomes and provide interventions to improve learning outcomes of the students. More access should be given for learning opportunities and to improve learning and skills at all level and protection for children in emergencies,” read the minutes of the meeting.

The SEL while acknowledging that J&K has achieved maximum grade in transition at different levels in government schools has said that 100 percent transition has not been achieved till date by the J&K government.

“J&K is requested to take steps to ensure 100 percent transition rate,” it reads.

The SEL DSEL as per the minutes of the meeting has stated that the drop out at secondary level as per UDISE+ 2019-20 was 16.68 percent which needs to be focused by the J&K.

“To meet the target, J&K should expedite community based survey identifying issues for such drop out students,” read the minutes of the meeting.

Notably, the School Education Department earlier held massive enrollment drives across J&K and claimed to have around 1 lakh new admissions in government schools.

However, the DSEL has expressed its concern over the dropout rate of students in government schools.

The DSEL in the meeting has also pulled up the School Education Department for decrease in student enrollment in government schools at different levels.

“Enrolment at elementary as well as at secondary and higher secondary level needs to be focused on priority. It decreased by 0.2 lakh at the primary level, 0.1 lakh at upper primary level, resulting in a decrease of 0.34 lakh enrolment at the elementary level,” read the minutes of the meeting.

The minutes of the meeting reveal that the decrease was about 0.07 lakh at secondary level and 0.04 lakh at the higher secondary level.

“J&K requires inclusive planning to improve enrolment through effective measures,” read the minutes of the meeting.

The Government of India has also asked the J&K government to formulate teacher training policy for left out teachers with at least 50 hours of training to be imparted to teachers at primary and upper primary level in offline or online mode.

“Diksha Module should be adopted by the government and rationalisation of teachers should be taken up on priority so that the subject specific teachers are available in all schools,” read the minutes of the meeting.

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