'Govt stifling peaceful protests'

'Govt stifling peaceful protests'
People's Conference Chief Sajad LoneFile/ GK

Srinagar: Questioning the J&K administration's stifling peaceful protests, Peoples Conference (PC) President Sajad Lone Saturday said that such actions go against the spirit of democracy.

In a series of tweets, Lone said: “I can’t see any valid reason why the state administration should stop political parties from protesting.

Isn’t the right to protest intrinsic to the concept of a vibrant democracy? "Not being critical. But the state administration needs to reassess and reevaluate. Democracy is a precious relic for which thousands have laid down their lives in the last 3 decades. “Please do not unwittingly or erroneously damage it beyond recognition.”

He said that by stifling space for peaceful protests, the administration was inadvertently incentivising violent forms of protest.

"Non-violent mode of protest in the context of violent strife needs to be facilitated not stifled. If you stop political non-violent protests what are you incentivising by default? You are incentivising and facilitating and setting the conditions for a violent form of protest,” Lone said.

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