‘Increasing suicides in J&K is alarming’

‘Increasing suicides in J&K is alarming’
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Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum (JKCSF) has expressed concern about the growing number of suicides in J&K.

JKCSF Chairman Abdul Qayoom Wani in a statement said that unfortunately times have changed and people have become so desperate that they prefer to die than to tolerate the failures of varied factors including the prolonging conflict situation of Jammu and Kashmir.

“It was heart-rending when we knew a youth from south Kashmir committing suicide for the reason that his father’s salary had been withheld for two long years and the situation had turned so worse for the family that it finally consumed one life in their family, River Jhelum has become the talk of the day for hapless youth to jump from some bridge and put an end to life. These suicide committers resort to social media and as such reveal the factors behind their suicide commitments, which is tragic for us collectively, if we fail to address the issues when we are made to know the reasons, we are not eligible to be named as a society” Wani said.

JKCSF urged the stakeholders to address all kinds of inner and outer factors that lead to suicides including conflict resolution in the region so that the youth of Jammu and Kashmir can be saved from suicides and will be given the right to live a dignified life. KNS

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