Is Anybody Listening?

Is Anybody Listening?
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Address demands of residents affected by widening of roads at Umerhair, Srinagar

Following concerns of families affected by widening of road from Umerhair Chowk to Mosque Haji Mohalla, Umerhair, Srinagar need to be taken into consideration.1) Market value of land should be paid to affected families.2) Resale value of residential houses that is likely to be reduced drastically by shortening of compound areas should be compensated.3) Road will be near houses after widening rendering houses unsafe for residence and may collapse by traffic vibrations leading to loss of life and property. This concern should be considered/redressed.4) Demolition/Construction cost of walls including the material cost of stones, bricks, cement, sand, bajri etc and labour cost should be paid.5) Noise pollution and air pollution caused by traffic movement should be redressed, otherwise it may lead to health hazards.6) Speed breakers should be laid at sites identified by locals to avoid accidents and loss of life by highly speeding traffic.7) The families will always fear residing in the situations of unsafe and tension bound circumstances. This situation should be taken into consideration.


Redress grievance of residents of Gulbagh, Parimpora

We, the residents of Gulbagh, Parimpora, Srinagar, want to bring to the notice of the concerned authorities that we have been earmarked with a transformer of 630 KVA as per the area capacity, and the industries in the area also receive the supply from the same transformer, but the irony is that some households in the area take unwarranted advantage of the ignorance of the PDD employees by getting the three phases connections from the LT lines into their houses which causes the power outages and voltage drop in the majority of the houses of the area. We witness the whole complicity helplessly. Now it is incumbent upon the concerned authorities to be the saviours of the system and take immediate action in this regard.


Saakshar Bharat Mission employees demand regularisation of services

We, the 5600 employees of Saakshar Bharat Mission are without any policy of regularisation and are undergoing the worst economic crunch. Our families are on the verge of starvation. We are not able to provide quality education to our children. J&K government is unmoved over the plight of 5600 engages. We raised our legitimate demands of releasing of pending honorarium and concrete policy of our regularisation with higher authorities of J&K on numerous occasions but till date, nothing is visible on the ground. Now we request the honourable Lieutenant Governor of J&K to intervene so that our pending honorarium will be released and a concrete job policy will be framed so that future of 5600 engages get secured.

Riyaz ul Haq Shah,


Vaccination certificates not provided at Nowgam dispensary

I am a resident of Srinagar. I took my vaccination dose on 26 December 2021 from the Nowgam dispensary. The dispensary is not generating any Covid certificates after vaccination.

The same is the case with all the people who took their vaccines in December from the same place. We request the authorities to look into the matter and resolve our grievance at the earliest.

Wasiq Ali

Repair roads in Bagh-i-Usman Colony, Gulab Bagh

We, the residents of Bagh-i-Usman colony, Gulab Bagh, want to bring to the notice of concerned authorities the plight of the roads. Despite of our requests and frequent visits to City Roads Department nothing has been done in this regard. Now we once again request the authorities to address our grievance of repairing the roads.

Residents of Bagh I Usman Colony,

Gulab Bagh

Greater Kashmir